An Encounter (Simple Decision 1)

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An Encounter (Simple Decision 1)

My group is starting to explore beyond the original city. This has them open to a wide range of wandering monsters, but also just some things to keep them guessing. This is presented in case other DMs want something to keep their groups guessing.

Simple Decision
This scenario was designed simply as an aside for a party of approximately 4th level. Note that some encounters are rather deadly IF the monsters would be fought together (probably due to the party attacking both sets of monsters). The intent of the scenario is however simply presented as something to have the party need to make decisions.

It should be presented in the wilderness, and actually makes little sense if the party is anywhere else. This is a good little side adventure to spice up travel.

I ran it with a group of approximately 5: 3rd levels, and did well. They however did leave the Dire Wasp alone, so it did not trouble them.


Simple Decision) Monstrous Plans
Okay, this is how it is supposed to go. Hagner is going to INTENTIONALLY send an arrow through the party MISSING everyone. That will get their attention. They will then chase him and fall prey to the Kobolds. With either the party or the Kobolds weakened, Hagner can then attack and finish the survivors gaining all the treasure himself. Now, let us see just how well the plan works.

Hagner should be concealed about 60ft. away. Note that this is right at the range for a Short Bow. It must be said that he is intending to MISS the party. Moderators may adjust the to-hit depending on just how bunched up the characters are as they move through the wilderness. A DC of 13 is needed to assure that no one is hit. If Hagner does not make that on his arrow, then miss direction should be checked with him having to roll to possibly hit any party member along the actual flight path (if he hits will yell that he is sorry in Orc).

Party can roll a Reflex check (DC15) to act (one action).

[LE] Hagner [Orc]m Fighter 3
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
15 18 19 10 11 10
9/11/(38) [Thurvan] Armorer
Ht: 90” Wt: 235# Hair: Violet Eyes: Golden
Attack: +4
Fort: +7 / Reflex: +5 / Will: +1
HP: 14/22/35
AC: 18 [+0 Size, +4 Dex, +3 Studded Leather, +1 Nat.]
Feats: Power Attack, Point-Blank Shot, Imp. Unarmed Strike, Wpn. Focus(LSword), Dodge
Money: 6cp, 5sp
Possessions: LSword, +1 SBow (17 arrows)
Skills: Climb +2, Escape Artist +1, Forgery +1, Innuendo +2, Intimidate +1, Know (Planes) +1, Move Silently +1, Perform +1, Read Lips +1, Smell +1, Spot +1, Swim +3


Simple Decision) Chase Part 1
In Studded Leather Hagner can run at 4 times movement rate (120ft.), and he will if he has to. It must be remembered that he wants the party to chase him, so will probably just double move to keep them right at his back with him only running the last round. Note that he has observed the Kobolds, so is pretty confident that he knows what he needs to do to avoid their trap. It should be 200ft to Kobolds.

Okay, there is a small clearing where a large tree once dominated the landscape. The tree has died with only the stump remaining. In the middle of the stump has been set a honeycomb. A kobold is on side with a crossbow. The crossbow is set to fire should the honeycomb be taken, but the Kobold can also pull the trigger. Should there be something OVER the stump, there is a +6 to-hit. To the left side of the kobold is a 5ft. diameter net set to lift along the side of the trunk and catch something moving in that direction bringing it down on the other side of the trunk. There is another net across the stump to the right, and it will fly up moving along the side of the stump away from the Kobold.


Simple Decision) Chase Part 2
Hagner plans to run to the right side of the Kobold, jump over the right side of the trunk (not directly over the trunk). His hope is then to have the Kobolds alerted with the party (or the Kobolds) in trouble. He will keep running for a couple of rounds, then circle back around.

Looking at Hagner's skills, it should be obvious that he has NO points in Jump. He has +2 due to Strength, but a -3 Armor Check, which results in a -1 to his Jump check. Honestly, he only needs a DC10, so it is possible that he can make it (the distance is easy, but the trunk is slightly over a foot in height). If he fails, then he falls flat taking 1d4 in damage and in the middle of things.

What Hagner is not taking into account is the Kobold reacting. Kafra gets a Reflex save (DC13), and should he make it (odds are he will) then he will fire the Xbow. The bolt should not hit Hagner (he is to the right) but the nets will fly with the one across having a good possibility of catching him (to-hit +6 only needing to Touch) and slamming him to the ground.

[LN] Kafra [Kobold]M Thief 2
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
13 15 17 14 11 11
5/4/(20) [Beskerrin] Physician
Ht: 26” Wt: 40# Hair: **Streaked** Eyes: Violet
All well at home - The fourth of 5 children
Attack: +1
Fort: +5 / Reflex: +5 / Will: +0
HP: 9/18
AC: 16 [+1 Size, +2 Dex, +2 Leather, +1 Nat.]
Feats: Dodge
Lang: Goblin, Halfling
Money: 16cp
Possessions: Lt. Pick, Xbow (13 bolts)
Skills: Climb +2, Craft(Trapmaking) +2, Diplomacy +1, Disable Device +1, Disguise +1, Escape Artist +2, Forgery +1, Gather Information +1, Hide +3, Intimidate +1, Intuit Direction +1, Jump +4, Know (Nobility) +1, Know (Religion) +1, Open Lock +1, Tumble +1, Use Rope +3
:-- Sneak Attack (1d6)


Simple Decision) Fight
Besides Kafra, there is Gamear and 5 Kobolds (7, 2, 4, 4, 3). Moderator should allow for 2 rounds of combat.

3rd Round, have those surviving make Listen checks (DC15). Those that make the check will hear a hum. Party members can make a Knowledge(Nature) check (DC11) to identify as large insect wings. Kobolds that make the check will mention the reason they set the trap. They were being plagued by a Dire Wasp (and since they will attack bee hives, they put out the honeycomb). Should Kafra be alive, he will work to reset the trap. Should Gamear be alive, she will do that as well. Kobolds will help. (Note that a lot depends on just how the combat goes.)

4th Round, Dire Wasp (21) arrives. Exactly what happens now is up to circumstances.

Note that for treasure the Kobolds have 37cp, 22sp, hammer, 8 spikes, 50ft. of silk rope, and a pot of honey along with another honeycomb.

[NN] Gamear [Kobold]F Bard 2
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
15 18 5 12 12 19
2/23/(18) [Thaenir] Beggar
Ht: 32” Wt: 88# Hair: Green Eyes: Red-Orange
Father is dead - The fifth of 7 children
Attack: +2
Fort: -3 / Reflex: +6 / Will: +4
HP: 3/4
AC: 19 [+1 Size, +4 Dex, +3 Stud. Leather, +1 Nat.]
Feats: Wpn. Focus (*)
Lang: Orc
Money: None
Possessions: Short Sword
Skills: Bluff +1, Climb +2, Concentration +1, Craft(Trapmaking) +2, Disguise +2, Gather Information +1, Hide +3, Innuendo +1, Know(Biology) +1, Know (Local) +3, Know (Planes) +2, Know (Religion) +1, Perform(Voice) +2, Swim +2, Use Rope +3
Bard 0 DC13 - 4 to cast: -- Open, Detect Magic, Mending, Read Magic
Bard 1 DC11 - 1 to cast: -- Clean, Sleep


Hagner has basically no chance of surviving. He could run away should the party appear too strong, but he really does believe that with either group (party or kobolds) softened up he can win. No, he did not survive.

Kafra is a thief, so will work to set up sneak attacks. Kafra survived. He actually rolled poorly, so only successful use of sneak attack (and then rolled MINIMUM damage). Got frustrated with the battle, saw that his fellow Kobolds were being slaughtered, so fled.

Gamear is a bard, so will sing to help her fellow Kobolds. Being poor in hit points, she will stay away from combat. Seeing her staying away from combat had the party believe her to be the leader, so they set themselves to taking her out. With very few hit points, she died.

Note that the party could have tracked Kafra, so I had a Kobold dungeon prepared. They did not, but being hurt fled to town. Let me know how your party did.