Only Fools Complain
Chapter Twenty-Five

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

My two wives tried to get excited about finally getting to see my home, but found me not willing to join in the speculation with them. My only satisfaction was that they did not argue with me when I told them to head to Mersidda’s home and wait for me should things get desperate. Feeling that my wives would remain safe, I worried about what I speculated about conditions outside the wall.

I might have slept better if Mersidda was in the bed with us. Aden did her best, but I could tell that my anxiety bothered her. Never did she complain however. She let me rub her body, and never acted reluctant to respond in a certain way. I did ask her once if she was certain, only to have her say that while she was older than Mersidda, she remembered her own youth, and felt joy in having someone deserving of the constant pleasure she once desired to share with a man.

Finally, I did collapse, although woke to what felt like a short amount of time with a shock to hear my young wife chiming for Aden and me to wake up. She promised me that I would have her back to sharing my bed in two or three days. Considering how much I bothered Aden the night before, I expected a response from her implying that she desired for the young lady to share my time, but Aden came to kiss me while saying that she would miss having me alone. That had Mersidda chime in with a question about what we did, but Aden simply said that the young lady’s time with me would come.

Mersidda did look to me, but I simply said that I hope not to have anxious nights once settled with my new family. I heard giggling as I put on my clothes, and turned to see my two ladies head-to-head whispering to each other. Honestly, I was so tired that I doubt I would have paid the best attention if they were speaking normally, so settled my mind that my two wives were getting along so well.

I checked my sword and went through certain routines while my ladies finished packing whatever they had not yet put away. I was not in any rush. I felt the powers beyond the shell had no way to determine what we were doing, and that if I managed to bring down the barrier there would be many surprised. If the ladies needed more time, it did not bother me, although I would put the extra time to good use.

Finally, the voice of Aden had me stop. “My lord, are you scared that you might fail?”

I looked at her while honestly admitting, “I believe that I got it.”

“If we go, I really do not want to return.”

I tried to judge her inner thoughts by studying her face before I said, “If you want to wait here…”


“Well, you did hear my command for you to go with Mersidda to her family’s holding?”

“That does not trouble me at all. I am willing to share my life with her, and I have no animosity to learning more of her family. This place however does trouble me, and once I leave I do not want to return.”

All I could do was sigh before saying, “Aden, I’m not going to lie to you.”

I felt the worst would come from her due to the glare she showed toward me, but her voice was soft. “I however get you alone again tonight.” Actually surprised at her words, all I did was nod. “I guess then that I will be all right should we return. Okay, Berair.” She then smiled as she said, “You need not fear me, my lord.”

“I will always take your words seriously, Aden.”

“I just… I just – I do enjoy play, my lord. I just – I really do not want you to go into the future thinking this is the way I am.”

“I do not ever want you, or Mersidda, to think that I am not taking you seriously, Aden. However playful we get, never doubt that I value you.”

“Yes, my lord, I can accept that our relationship is just starting. Okay.” She then spun to give the command, “Mersidda, please allow the soldiers to come in and get our belongings.”

I had business occupying my mind. It however was a known technique in working others to keep a positive attitude. I thus set myself to keeping a confident expression as I met with soldiers and others. Aden did nothing to spoil my presentation. It was Mersidda that broke my train of thought, although her bubbly excitement in what was to hopefully happen had me display a wonderful smile, which did not spoil my business of directing servants and troops.

Aden showed some annoyance at me as I ran around speaking to soldiers, then would climb in the back of the wagon while yelling orders of a general nature to inspire and direct companies. Mersidda only asked about my safety as she had the horses pull the vehicle. I plopped down on top of a box and told her to get me safely to the shell, although I heard soldiers voice a cheer when she replied that she would get me later when on the other side of the shell.

People did not cheer as we moved through the city. Instead I saw crying as the men came out with what armor and weapons they had. Like me, I could tell that they expected trouble should the shell come down. To keep up the positive attitude, I yelled encouraging words to the common people and felt good that most tried to smile as they waved back at me.

I had Mersidda direct the horses to simply move to the front of the wall around the city. As I watched soldiers position themselves, I realized my situation. This was not the usual foolish stunt. Before the results were merely things to speak about at the local pub with me or others buying depending on the success of my actions. I however looked at the shell while realizing that I had more than my pay to enjoy.

Aden noticed me looking at her, and simply said, “I love you, my lord.”

Not really wanting others to hear, I tried to keep my voice down as I replied, “That was not what I was thinking about, Aden. I was just coming to terms with the fact that I get to keep you.”

“It is different with us ladies, my lord. We have to come to terms with that fact when we first come to you in a certain manner. Still, I am finding myself quite pleased with my situation.”

From Mersidda came the rather loud expression, “Ooh, yes, my lord! Now, go bring that shell down!”

Soldiers cheered, which I understood as a need for action. I did things to keep up the positive nature of the troops as I moved to the shell. Facing the glowing barrier, I however understood that I now needed to make all the effort worthwhile.

I studied the shell again thinking over my plan. Before I was simply hoping to break through the shell. I did, but not in a manner that I wanted to repeat. Returning to the mage I felt would not have any beneficial results. I however thought about what I could do now that would be different. What I made out in the glowing curved wall had me believe that my plan could indeed work, so I pulled my sword and held it high. Hearing the cheers of the soldiers, I attacked the shell.

My objective was not to allow the shell to reseal itself. I thus did not want a basic cut, but a pattern allowing me to remove a part of the shell. I did not step through the cut, although I did move my feet in order to work the sword through the section I had chosen. I had feared that I would lose sight of the arrangement of what appeared to be the petals of a flower as I moved my blade. Concentrating on the perceived pattern I moved my sword through the shell, and exclaimed with pride when I isolated the piece.

It was not substantial. The barrier was of magic and not glass or any other tangible material. I thus feared it simply returning to the whole. As I just waved my blade through the isolated piece, I felt pleased when the energy of its essence dissipated. I then yelled to Mersidda as the filaments sealing the town began to come apart before disappearing. Not fearing my wives being hurt by anything substantial of the barrier, I however assured her to act properly once we could again see the real world.

Soldiers cheered even as officers sought to gain command of their troops. The collapse of the shell was not a fast process. There was thus time for some celebration even as those of us that had prepared for success sought to put our plans into action. Mersidda was not moving fast enough for me. I thus pushed soldiers aside as I waved my wife to move forward.

One of the men said, “I will serve you, Major Berair.”

“No!” I replied. “This is your home, so protect it. I gave you back its place in the world. I however now get to go home. May you ever think good of me, and I will speak good things of you.”

A chorus of men sounding their approval was heard as I climbed on the bed of the wagon while commanding my young wife to keep the horses moving forward. She verified that she could indeed see the farmlands ahead of her. She did point as she stated her recognition of the land beyond, but I simply yelled for her to get the wagon moving as I worried about other things than our direction of travel.

Horns sounded behind me, but even over the sound of the horses and the wagon I could make out the distant blares of other armies. Honestly, it did not surprise me. In standing in the wagon to get an estimation of the forces waiting for the release of the shell, I saw the stretching of a large set of wings. I yelled at Mersidda to keep the wagon heading to her parents as I gathered things I had set for this very occasion.

Aden yelled back at me, “Berair, that is a dragon!”

“I am from Thiminy! I have fought dragons before!” I moved up to face my distinguished lady as I explained, “Shell or dragon, they both will keep the town in its place. If I am to truly free them, I need to stop that dragon.”

“The army of the king won’t do it?”

“That is a direct confrontation between lord and vassal, so out of my hands. The dragon, well, I have a reputation to maintain about dragons.” I raised my form to look in the distance, then came down to again put my face before Aden as I said, “It’s not that big. The only thing to brag about is doing it alone. Up to now, I was an officer leading a company of men. I can do this. However, I cannot worry about you and Mersidda at the same time. Thus, keep moving.”

I believe she wanted to cry. I expected her to kiss me, but she instead turned her head to look forward in the wagon. Allowing Aden to deal with her emotions, I put my focus on my young wife.

“Mersidda, keep these horses moving. Dragons will eat horses.”

“I know my lord,” she said. “I will keep us all safe. Keep yourself safe.”

“Fighting a dragon? There is no way. I however am trusting in the two of you to make me feel like this was the wisest decision I ever made when I return to you.”

Aden was crying, but she turned, grabbed my head, and kissed me before saying, “Yes, my lord, that Mersidda and I can do.”

My young wife was having to focus on the horses. Understanding, I hugged her and kissed a cheek. She again wished me well. After assuring myself that I had what I needed, I put my focus on dealing with the dragon.

Berair finds that he has more problems than just a dragon.