Only Fools Complain
Chapter Two
Accepting My New Life

Whores always welcomed you into their presence. They however are rather strict about what you can do with them for the money you spent. They were not always as pleasant once you got what you purchased.

I had heard numerous tales of wives. Most of them were not pleasant. The men would speak of being glad of having the ladies, and the children, but they never spoke in a manner that I fully believed them. At the end of each tale I usually felt that my money and time was better spent on whores.

Having a lady near me was nice. The smell of her and her perfume was very pleasant. When I reached to touch her smooth skin, I however did not expect her to react as she did. Both of my wives had promised me that they would not refuse me. I however did not expect that to mean for me to have to consider refusing them. I let the lady come to me more out of surprise that she asked nothing from me for the experience. I did not feel well, but I guess the concentration necessary to get me to respond gave me the ability to last through her rhythm. I felt her come off me wondering if that was the limit of her promise, then found myself surprised to feel another have her weight sink around me. Again I feel it was my own need to focus through my weakened state that kept me from giving in to the experience. With the first wife back upon me, I finally could not hold back. Feeling myself kissed I could only pant while thinking it was going to be nice being married.

I heard Aden command, “Mersidda, go get our lord something to eat. I get to enjoy the fullness of my time with him. You should certainly have yours on occasions.”

Not wanting my ladies to fight with each other, I reached out to where I felt movement and said, “Go ahead, Mersidda. Don’t think that I will neglect you.”

My hand was taken and kissed, then I felt the movement of one lady getting off the bed. As the drapes around one side of the four-poster bed parted, I made out that it was night in the room beyond. Feeling the weight of the other lady upon me, and around me, I moved my hands to softly caress the skin.

Just wanting to talk, I said, “I’m not feeling my best, but I still want you to thank whoever gave you the medicine. That was an experience I was glad to have the strength to manage.”

“I wanted you to know that Mersidda and I understood not to fight over you. Sharing a husband is not something we were brought up to expect, but we will manage.”

“Thank you. Honestly, I feel that I will have enough problems without having to worry about the two of you. Whatever squabbles you two have better fade away when I come home. Children, okay, they will need a father. I really don’t need wives, but I have them. I will be your husband, but not your peacekeeper.”

I felt the wetness as her body came off me so she could move up my form to plant a kiss on my lips. I moved my hands to the sides of her face to extend the experience, and did not feel her resist. When we finally broke contact, she collapsed back on top of my form while my hands again moved along her back.

Still feeling a need to say something, I said, “You keep doing things like that, and I will never be one of those men complaining about things at home.”

“I was willing to do all this for my previous husband, but he preferred complaining.”

“Then you had better not ever complain about doing those things for me.”

“No, my lord.”

Yes, I knew certain things, but that did not mean that I liked them. “Listen, Aden, it’s just you and me – and Mersidda soon enough. You can call me by my name.”

“But now more than in public you are my lord.”

“Yes, but there needs to be a level of honestly between us. Damn, we are both naked. We have just shared something special. We are going to share our lives together. When alone, we can speak as openly as I expect your garments to be.”

“Yes, my lord.”

I did not say those words expecting them to be a command. She would however not hear me ever to say otherwise. I let the comment pass and focused on what words I intended to say.

“Yes, Berair.”

She parroted, “Yes, Berair.”

“Good. I know that my queen goes around calling my king, my lord. I also have also seen the fire in her eyes when she faces him. I knew then that they spoke to each other differently when away from others. Considering the success of their marriage, I promised myself that I would also have a lady more than able to face me with her honest thoughts.”

We spent the time until Mersidda returned with me speaking of my home. While Thiminy was a small kingdom, the fame due to its monarch was exceedingly great. Most of my job in the military was protecting those travelers coming to and from our land from the desert. Not only was the great sandy region harsh, but the people that sought to make it their own often took advantage of those without the strength or resources to bravely face the arid conditions. There were mountains to each side of our river valley, but monsters and dragons were prevalent also often requiring those of us in the military to rescue travelers. I had earned my promotions challenging the threats that sought to overcome those who only wanted to visit my land, and felt the honor of being naturally blessed with a home that others risked death to reach.

I told my wives the story behind the letter while we ate. They both laughed at what I had done, although I believe enjoyed hearing about my monarch having such a tolerable personality. Instead of my letter being marked against me, it had instead brought me to this situation. Both of my wives seemed pleased with the reason I had been chosen for this position and that they had not been stuck with someone my king would rather just get rid of.

I learned that it was late in the day, so both ladies expected to have more time with me in the bed. I honestly felt that I had slept enough, but did not want to refuse my wives either. After the meal I had them order a bath. The intent had been to get them both naked, but instead they had me undress. They spoke of pleasure in what they saw. My hair was closer to the color of Mersidda, but my arms and legs were about as large as her waist. The top of Aden’s head came to my shoulders, and I heard her mention my eyes being blue like hers. I had to bend down with Mersidda on her tip-toes for us to kiss. They however learned that they could push and slap me with my body responding, and that caused them to speak with even more energy about what they would have me do later in the bed.

I got tired with the bed comments, and took both right there by the bath tub. While earlier I had to work merely to assure that my body put out the effort to respond, now I had the usual problem of keeping myself from being too energetic too quickly. Luckily, making a moment last was something that dealing with whores had taught me as the only way to truly get the most for my money. I finally got to see both of my ladies unclothed as they used the water in the bath tub to clean themselves.

I spent time looking and touching my wives while having them speak of their homes. Neither really said anything definite, although they at least confirmed the facts that I had heard earlier. I moved the conversation to what they wanted from me in the way of a home. I did have rank in the military, so had a decent amount of pay. While I was not rich, I felt that I could claim a decent house in the city or probably find one available for a modest amount of rent with a gentry. My wives began to touch me in return as they expressed their pleasure with my words, then they finally got me in the bed to look and touch me in the manner they desired.

They were the ones that fell asleep. I still felt some weakness, but I was not ready for bed. I tried to move without disturbing my ladies, but found Mersidda to ask me where I was going. I told her that I would just check the apartment, so would soon return to fall asleep.

“I will help you.”

“Help me with what?”

I sensed confusion in her voice as she answered, “Check the apartment.”

Why not? I needed to get used to having ladies about. I thus reached out to pull my littlest and youngest wife to me.

I felt her pat my rump, then she turned to have her other hand move through my chest hair as she said, “You are not rough with me at all.”

“No. I’ve had girls get rough with me, but they had to realize that I was just too big to treat in that manner. You keep being sweet with me, Mersidda, and I will be sweet with you. I may hurt you, and I want to say that I’m sorry, but you are just going to have to learn to be gentle around me.”

Sounding like a girl, she replied, “I’m learning.” She then hugged me while saying, “You are not like what mother said you’d be.”

“Yes, well, I have my moods. If I tell you to leave me alone, you leave me alone. Trust me, I will get back to your body as quick as I can. I however am a soldier. What I do is not stuff that women should be doing. Keep my home and my children in good condition, and I will not ever be a stranger to you.”

“You are not here as a soldier. We brought you in to be our hero.”

“Yes, well, my king has not officially released me from duty. That paper you brought me simply stated that I was gaining my desire for a greater challenge than what my duties usually brought to me. Let me see if I can succeed, then we can go speak to my king. Honestly, though, now that I got two wives, I have to think about things differently. I am presently thinking it best if I do return to my regular duties.”

I wondered how Mersidda was interpreting my words when she replied, “You’ll succeed. I know it.”

“Yes, well, I don’t want to return to my king with my tail between my legs. I would rather face him with the honor of deserving to have two wives.”

“Two wives that love you and will be carrying your children.”

I held my little lady close to me while saying, “Don’t get too excited about getting pregnant.”

“Why not?”

“Because if you are pregnant, then we cannot have the fun getting you pregnant.”

It actually took her a moment to understand what I was saying. Having her not say anything, but just look to me with her face displaying the illumination of understanding I felt was marvelous. I wanted my little wife right then, and she did nothing to keep me from my desires. When we finished, we cleaned ourselves off, then I took her in my arms and carried her as I blew out the lights before going back to bed.

And Berair gets to find out about the city he is now in.