Only Fools Complain
Chapter One
Waking a Married Man

The wet rag on my face felt nice, although the feeling also told me that I was suffering from a high temperature. I was not one that usually got sick, but I remembered clearly those occasions where I could not force my body to act in the manner that I desired. The problem was that a few doses of something really disgusting usually had the fever break when I woke back up. The wet rag did feel good, but it was not the cure that I felt I needed.

I heard a gasp, then a female voice say, “My lord,” as I forced my body to sit up.

It must have been a big bed. When I attempted to throw my legs over the side, there was more bed. I thus collapsed back down. The face was that of a child. The voice was that of a child. I pushed her away, then forced my body to move in a direction while feeling for the edge of the bed.

A more mature female voice said, “This way, my lord,” and I felt hands with more control grab my legs and pull them to the edge of the bed.

I sat up breathing heavily. No pain in the chest. I had not noticed any problem in moving, but had my hands verify that arms and legs were attached. The younger lady was attempting to regain some control while the more mature lady told her to relax. I heard no sound of weapons being readied. The only fact that concerned me was that I was sick.

“I need some more medicine.”

The more mature lady replied, “I will prepare some tea, my lord.”

Tea? “Yeah, that’s nice. While I’m waiting, give me some of whatever you have that will break the fever.”

I felt the younger lady come upon my back while saying, “They were unsure of what would work on you, my lord. They thus told us to just do our job and treat you well.”

“What would work on me? Listen, I got some allergies, but nothing preventing me from taking what you got. Give me what you got.”

The more mature lady said, “I could go ask. Mersidda, when the tea is ready, serve it to our husband.”

Husband? Damn, I needed to open my eyes. The girl was naked. That was worth the price of going to the trouble. She seemed slightly embarrassed to have me look at her, but did not suddenly move to grab a robe or anything. While her pink nipples caused the mounds on her chest to become a little more prominent, she tolerated my inspection of her body. A good growth of black hair between her legs, although the hair falling around her shoulders was not so dark. Nice tone to the skin, but the young usually had that naturally. It hurt to keep my eyes open, but what I saw made me deal with the pain.

Realizing that she was waiting for some tea to steep, I decided to attempt some conversation. “What’s your name, Darling?”

“Mersidda. Your other wife is named Aden.”

“How and when did I get two wives?”

The little darling was too young to understand the pleasure of seeing her bend over to check on my cup of tea. I felt like reaching out and touching her rump, but my arms stayed locked in position keeping me sitting on the soft mattress. All I could do was enjoy the view, which was the pleasure of her front when she turned back to answer my question.

“It was felt that you needed someone to help you acclimate and learn things, and the elders did not want you going to whores. They were however uncertain what type of lady you would prefer, so got you two. We will do everything we can for you.”

“So, you both were what, slaves?”

“Oh, no, my lord. I am the third daughter of Lord Harbest. His land is near the river, and it has been flooded the last couple of years, so my father needed money. My mother also felt that you would be a good husband. Aden was married to the second son of Baron Norvaum, but he never proved himself of any worth and died getting into a foolish brawl. She claims to be honored to now have a husband such as you.”

Mersidda knelt in front of me. I was enjoying watching her chest move, so became annoyed having her mounds drop beneath my knees and the edge of the bed. I thus directed her back to the tea while mentioning something that bothered me.

“You haven’t said my name.”

She looked confused upon saying, “You are my husband.”

“Yes, and I appreciate the respect. You are my wife, and I will claim that honor. However, we have a life together, and I don’t want you just being a lovely servant. You may use my name.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Damn, the little lady did not seem to get the hint. “What is my name?”

Her eyes were brown, about the same color as her hair. She did not have a plain appearance though. I liked what I saw.

“Major Berair.”

Well, at least they got the right man, so I asked the next question. “Why me?”

“You volunteered. Uh.” She ran to a desk, picked up a parchment, then brought it back to me. “Here.”

The guys had laughed at me when I wrote that. It was a complaint for being promoted. I had just led my unit against some smugglers, and in the process somehow gained the attention of a dragon as well. Returning with no loss of personnel had gained me the promotion, but I wanted a different type of honor. Knowing my king had a sense of humor, I wrote the complaint. My men expected some type of prank to be played upon me, but I looked to the young lady that claimed to be one of my wives thinking that they would not be laughing at me.

Mersidda’s nipples again came hard as she looked with embarrassment to the door. Aden stepped through in a manner to prevent any eyes from seeing the nudity. She was in a nice blue dress. Her hair was of a much lighter shade than Mersidda, although about the same length. As Aden handed me something small tied up in a yellow silk square, I looked into her eyes to notice that they were blue.

“My lord, the witch Helarm said that this would help with the fever and headache. The tea should work to make your body feel better.”

As Mersidda claimed the tea was ready, I spoke to my other wife. “I have learned that you married the right man. Now, where am I?”

“The barony of Nemurk in the kingdom of Peranty. You’re on the continent of Germahut.”

My king usually traveled to other worlds. I could only guess that he let me have this mission because it was not anywhere special. I however knew better than to complain. I would prove myself, then again write a complaint. Maybe the next mission would have me wake up on another world.

“Okay, why did you go to the trouble to ask my king for help?”

“Well, because King Terish is known for doing fantastic things.”

I knew that to be very true. My own realm, Serussdal, once thought it could challenge King Terish of Thiminy. The king of Serussdal lost his life as his castle burned to the ground. King Terish danced on the melting rocks. I grew up with that history being far in the past, but in serving the man I learned enough to know not to challenge him. I however also learned that he had a sense of humor. I looked to my wives thinking that serving the man was very much the right thing to do.

“Well, you got me, so what do you want done?”

“Mersidda and I are your wives. Take us to your home.”

I wanted to simply take the ladies to bed. One arm felt stressed by the meager weight of what was in the silk. The other arm had gone numb, although it did still keep me sitting. I let Mersidda lift my chin to allow some tea into my mouth. I then enjoyed the presence of Aden as she sat next to me to support me while releasing the string tying the silk. While it was not exactly what I wanted, I let my wives take care of me.

As I lied back down feeling the medicine working to restore my health, I asked, “Taking you two home is not as easy as it sounds, is it?”

Aden replied, “Not at all. You have things to learn, which is what Mersidda and I are to help you with. Right now, however, we need you to regain your health.”

I put my hand on Aden’s chest. She made no action of discomfort or of moving my hand. I however moved it to her face while asking my next question.

“Mersidda said that you were previously married. Any children?”

“A boy, and I was pregnant at the time. My previous husband actually took his son into that drinking pit, and both died. I made the baron promise that he would only marry me to an honorable man.”

I had no way of knowing what my king had said about me. Cannot really say that he knew who I was. We had met. Since my realm bordered the desert, King Terish usually did run patrols that checked on those protecting his kingdom. Our meetings however were never more than simple comments in passing along with a few jokes. Not knowing what had been told, I felt a need to let my wives know some truths.

“I have never been married. That previous comment about my associating with whores was not wrong. I had plans for my life, which did not exactly include settling with a wife and raising a family. Still, I am not a mean or crude person. I will have my way with the two of you, but I also promise to be an honorable husband. You will be proud of me, and whatever children results will grow up without being ashamed of their father.”

Aden said, “I’m glad to hear that. I did not refuse my previous husband, and will not refuse you.”

Mersidda chirped, “I will not refuse you either, my lord.”

I really felt sick not being able to take advantage of either lady, so had to ask, “Okay, so why do I feel so bad?”

Aden answered, “It was not easy getting you here, which should let you know the difficulty you will face in leaving – especially with us.”

“Okay, but I don’t want you to expect that what I need to do will not force some quick and risky stunts that I would rather not have you needing to duplicate. I have never been married before, but I always took care of those under my charge. I understand my objective, and I accept the two of you as my wives. I will not fail.”

It was Mersidda that chirped back, “We will not fail you either.”

“Good.” I spoke more to myself than them as I said, “I feel the medicine working. I should be good when I wake back up.”

Aden said, “We will continue to care for you, my lord.”

“Well, next time I will need more than tea. Have some food ready.”

I believe that they said something in return. Neither one had me think of them as being silent. I however did not hear, but collapsed back into unconsciousness.”

Berair and his ladies begin to learn about each other as he begins to learn of his predicament.