Shard of Control (Arcane Mark)

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Shard of Control (Arcane Mark)

I allowed Arcane Mark into my Antheel Rules because I felt it had potential. As of yet, I however had done nothing more with it. Going over my material gained from conventions, I came across a spell that I thought would actually work with Arcane Mark. Hoping to help others also wanting to expand the use of Arcane Mark I am presenting it here.

Shard of Control
Level: Alc 3, Gyp 4, Sor 2, Wiz 2
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 Minute
Range: Touch
Effect: Piece of undead is gained
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

Technically, there is a material component to this spell, which is the undead. Note that this spell does not create any control over the undead from whom the shard is to be gained, so the real trick might be how to keep the undead ‘cooperative’ during the casting time. This spell cannot be successfully cast upon an insubstantial creature. Should this spell be cast again upon an undead creature, the connection with the previous shard will be removed. Shards should be considered to have an AC equal to 10 plus the Natural Armor rating of the undead, and as many hit points as the level of the undead creature.

The shard gained does not give one control over the undead, but does create a focus for the undead. Placing this shard with a person will have the undead go after that person. It will attack those that are in its way, but will definitely choose to go after the one with the shard and attack that person if able.

Placing an Arcane Mark upon the shard will however give the one identified by the mark authority over the undead should he be the one holding the shard. In this case the undead will desire to regain the shard, but will find itself unable to attack. Should the one identified by the mark not be in possession of the shard, the undead can however act as it desires.