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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Five

After some affirmations, I told those who had gone with me to be ready when I came back down only to turn hearing the lady say, “Vernallor, do not doubt the integrity of the local military. If you yell for help, good people will show up to assist you.”

I replied, “Thank you, Your Majesty. Let me say in return I trust my brothers and those who travel with them. Sleep knowing that if your rest is disturbed, it is us fighting among ourselves and not anyone, no one at all, intending to do you wrong.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Four

Orintious scolded me by saying, “I really don’t want you buying a slave, Vernallor. We simply need the information.”

“Of course. Okay, I will consider that as well.”

Sterrig asked, “You are not planning on buying one?”

I saw Orintious watching as I admitted, “I believe I will have to should the conversation go in a certain direction or too far along one.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Three

“You will need to leave your weapons at the gate.”

That was actually the command Sterrig had warned us to be wary of, and showing his trust in our deviant brother Orintious replied as taught. “Why, so your disreputable citizens can take us without any trouble? Come on. Let us transact business in an open and forthright manner.”

“Any harm done, or death, will be yours to pay.”

I had to allow the plan worked when Orintious replied, “So, are you going to open the gates?”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Two

“But why would Vernallor need to purchase a slave?”

“Because he is the one they focus upon. Because he is the one that might notice something the rest of us would not. There could be reasons why Vernallor needs to be the one to purchase the slave.”

“Okay. Vernallor, Sterrig is correct. Still, keep your mind on your shoulders and not in your pants.”

One of the men loudly commented, “Or in her panties.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-One

“So why is it important for you to ask me now?”

“Because you figured out the value system.” I just looked at him, and he explained, “I bet if you go back and read those books, the information you are telling me is not presented in the way you are telling me.”

“Well, I do organize the information for my own use.”

“Which makes it valuable, Vernallor.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty

Being around the mercenaries also put me in a position where they could talk with me, so I heard a man ask, “How much treasure do you think was buried with the couple?”

I replied, “So, we are going to become grave robbers?”

“Taking from the dead is better than taking from the living, as the dead won’t call the authorities on you.”

“So, you are willing to rob? Maybe you should work for Sterrig instead of Orintious.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Nineteen

As Sterrig and Theria left, I looked to my valet and asked, “What are you doing here?”

He replied, “The determination of Sterrig and Theria had me concerned for you, Master Vernallor. I brought a change of clothes as a reason to stay and watch over the pair.”

“I didn’t tell you to hide the maps.”

“I just cleaned up and organized your room, Master Vernallor. Honestly, I actually feared Sterrig finding them.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Eighteen

"… Occasionally however what is secured is something no one wants to find. The locals do more to hide the things, as they fear it being found. Only ignorance will cause later generations to seek to recover that which was lost.”

I looked Father in the eyes as I said, “What you just said answered another question. We do not need the trunk to open this place.”

“That was actually never the intent of the trunk. There are different types of greed, Vernallor.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Seventeen

“I don’t want that. I don’t want the reputation of looking for the money even when my objective should be purely honorable.”

Therper pointed out, “Then you should desire the reputation of taking on the purely honorable causes.”

Lexonor added, “And since you made a princely sum from the last mission, you should be more than capable of doing so.”

I replied, “But I don’t have the experience. I would have to hire you, and with my inexperience you could easily manipulate things so your desires are achieved, possibly at the expense of my own.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Sixteen

“But it is evil, and it is there.”

“And eventually somebody is going to have to do something about it.”

“Okay. I understand. As I said, I’m going to Orintious then Mochsha.”

I stopped hearing the question, “You really believe you understand?”