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People in the Mist
Chapter Thirty-Two

As the man left, Orintious asked, “Vernallor, any sense of how long we can stall here and look at things?”

I replied, “The entity was attacking. While things are now quiet, I would assume the entity is waiting to see what we will do just as are the others.”

“So, not long?”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Thirty-One

As he went about assuring his men were all right and understood certain things, Sterrig came up to ask, “What did you do, Vernallor?”

I replied, “Protected my slave. I felt the entity working along the source of power. Father did things with me like I did with her.”

“Father is a lot more knowledgeable and skilled than you are.”

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned anything.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Thirty

Turmonth replied, “Not that I noticed, but your girl did stay active with you. I would definitely give her credit for your rest.”

While curious, I moved to my brother who was still with his blankets to softly ask, “Did you and Minchell start this way?”

“She was not nearly as young as Crinorra, and her past was not as protected. Minchell had little choice about her future when I gained her. You are correct about Crinorra, Vernallor. Do not let these men spoil your hope for her.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Nine

Not really wanting to challenge what Sterrig said, I instead asked again, “What is your problem?”

“We will be even closer by the end of the day. Go ahead and admit what happened last night will happen again.”

“That is not a problem, Sterrig. What will be a problem is if we are still ignorant. I believe the second time last night I was able to do more because I gave some consideration to the first time. Same here. I plan on being even more prepared tonight.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Eight

A couple of Orintious’ men released arrows. They must have been special shafts, because I doubted what was coming would be hurt by regular projectiles. Seeing flashes in the coming darkness, Orintious sought some information.

“What did you sense, Vernallor?”

I knew I really had no information, but I did seek to tell my older brother what I could. “Sounded like a very slow, measured heartbeat, then a lot of voices.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Seven

I went ahead and admitted I would be pulled into the conversation by saying, “They fought. I am assuming where they were interred was near where they were at the end of the battle.”

“I gained that impression as well.”

Sterrig continued to fume. “LOOK WHERE WE ARE! LOOK WHERE WE ARE GOING!”

“It was not a little scuffle.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Six

Sterrig strongly let his opinion be known. “Well said!”

She commented, “I do have a number of loyalties to contend with.”

I stated, “If you want my loyalty, you will need to be loyal to me.”

Sterrig whispered, “Don’t give in, Vernallor.”

Crinorra giggled, then asked, “Is he really your brother?”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Five

After some affirmations, I told those who had gone with me to be ready when I came back down only to turn hearing the lady say, “Vernallor, do not doubt the integrity of the local military. If you yell for help, good people will show up to assist you.”

I replied, “Thank you, Your Majesty. Let me say in return I trust my brothers and those who travel with them. Sleep knowing that if your rest is disturbed, it is us fighting among ourselves and not anyone, no one at all, intending to do you wrong.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Four

Orintious scolded me by saying, “I really don’t want you buying a slave, Vernallor. We simply need the information.”

“Of course. Okay, I will consider that as well.”

Sterrig asked, “You are not planning on buying one?”

I saw Orintious watching as I admitted, “I believe I will have to should the conversation go in a certain direction or too far along one.”

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People in the Mist
Chapter Twenty-Three

“You will need to leave your weapons at the gate.”

That was actually the command Sterrig had warned us to be wary of, and showing his trust in our deviant brother Orintious replied as taught. “Why, so your disreputable citizens can take us without any trouble? Come on. Let us transact business in an open and forthright manner.”

“Any harm done, or death, will be yours to pay.”

I had to allow the plan worked when Orintious replied, “So, are you going to open the gates?”