Of Men and Love in General: Cp9B

The third Neselle story -

Chapter Nine – Part Two

Jelnaya: Strangers and Possibilities

As Neselle and I stepped into the hallway, Timurly said, “Ah, good, although I will need to send word that the two of you are ready so soon.”

Of Men and Love in General: Cp5

The third Neselle story -
Of Men and Love in General
Chapter Five – Complete
Jelnaya: No Thoughts of Courtship

The monster did have the high ground, but had to have been acting on instincts and not intelligence. I had not been directly fighting it. Most of my only attempts to stop the creature were by zipping arrows in its direction. While I had inherited rather good reflexes, the animal was fast. What it should have realized however was that it had not killed me yet, and I was not running from it.

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