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Without a Light I See
Chapter Twenty-Seven


My Great-uncle Ferrigote grumbled, “You say that again in reference to someone from Davelda, and I will start polishing your skin.”

“That might be fun.”

I concentrated to assure that I only spoke in the language of Sennapre before saying, “I told you that I was told it was fun.”

Before Potorly could reply, Great-uncle Ferrigote said, “I heard and understood that, Jelnaya. Get your and that boy’s mind on the coming battle.”

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Chapter Twenty-Six


I replied, “One, I agree with Baron Ferrigote. Two, Jelnaya, I am committed to you. You enter that fight, and I will enter the fight as well.”

“There are quite a number there.”

“Lerdiyo was fighting them with sticks. Before I have to rise to your level, I have to rise to his. Still, you are Fergush. You are the one who has to prove herself by fighting. I am actually Samayer. All I have to do is survive. What I am telling you, Jelnaya, is that I will be there when the fight is over still committed to you.”

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Chapter Twenty-Five


Finding the point of a dagger at his throat did not have him show any alarm. He smiled as if he thought he still had the upper hand. I had to accept that the soldier showed the attitude that had come to be identified with this world. What started as confidence however began to turn into frustration as the soldier kept finding himself either on the ground or with the point of a weapon directed at a vital area.

He appeared even more annoyed hearing a boy say, “Let me show you how to handle her.”

I had to ask, “When did you learn how to handle me?”

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Chapter Twenty-Four


She curtsied, then said, “I have never had a man understand that much. As a Champion of Fergush, I have to respect your taking on the challenge. If you need help, Potorly, you can come to me.”

“Oh, that was a senseless thing to say, as I will be coming to you, although not for help. I will stay a suitor seeking your hand in marriage.”

From a short distance away, I heard Vulge say, “So I will continue to watch you.”

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Chapter Twenty-Three


“Pepulsta is actually where the trouble is centered, Miss…”

Knowing to establish my presence, I put a haughty tone to my voice as I said, “Jelnaya, Duchess of Phanigist.”

“Never heard of Phanigist. Must be a long way from home.”

“So you should not take lightly the seriousness of my business. Now, Captain, about supplying information in how I can get to my destination.”

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Chapter Twenty-Two


Baron Ferrigote said, “Okay. Jelnaya, no armor. I have no desire to conquer that world again, so I want to appear as non-dangerous as possible.”

She asked, “Is it possible?”

“No armor. We can try.”

Jelnaya swished her sword to let the man know she wanted to spar as she replied, “I will have weapons.”

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Chapter Twenty-One


“If you ask me,” Vulge said, “it’s because you are actually getting used to the fact that you are important. You are no longer alone, but you are also not the kid. Others are actually the ones who should be doing the work.”

“This is not my army I am with. You are of my grandmother’s generation, Vulge. You have every right to tell me to do things. That is my Great-aunt Dirchein over there preparing to help Yenorma cook. She has every right to tell me to do things.”

The lady of gold looked at me, and I could tell actually understood what I was doing when she asked, “Not liking being a prospective bride, Jelnaya?”

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Chapter Twenty


The time of course did not last. Taking a moment to realize I was still in the fight, I found my face meeting the ground. As I felt her hand on my arm to help me up, I accepted that she was glad that I had at last sought to prove myself to her.

“At that level I might have to one day give you my honor.”

“I am not after your honor,” I said getting up. “I am after you.”

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Chapter Nineteen


“It is made from the magic of the Nevaire. Jelnaya, if any doubt my status to court you, let me say that I am the heir to the Nevaire.”

My only problem with what he said was that he was saying it now. “Should that concern me?”

“No, and I say that with the allowance it is something we can discuss.” He dropped the volume of his voice to say, “You should know that I went with my mother this morning.”

“Seems you got things straight between you two. Glad to hear it.”

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Chapter Eighteen


I felt she was just going to tell me a little story when she replied, “We were not cursed.”

“Yes, we were. I should have known you were at least there.” Wanting to stress my conviction, I said, “I don’t believe Jelnaya would stay away from her children.”

The face of my mother showed that I had hurt her. I did not care. Well, I did, but I felt my situation demanded that I get some answers. Hoping to soothe the feelings of my mother, I added something I really had not yet told her.

“I do want to love you.”