Fights Left Behind: Cp1

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter One

Entering the apartment and seeing a man stick his head out of a room to look to us, Master Lossurp said, "Doctor Krachern, I was told that those here did not believe Honored Duchess Jelnaya exists."

He replied, "Ah, then Master Lossurp you should have a fascinating evening."

"And why is that."

"You get to meet the idiots that actually promote that level of skepticism and listen as they face certain facts in my presentation. Inchell, my dear, do what you must to make yourself even better looking. Master Lossurp, you can as well should you feel the need."

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-Six


I had to ask, “Great-aunt Dirchein, since when do I not complain about what you do?”

“Do as I say, Jelnaya. You have two suitors. Allow them to have your focus.”

“If they want to marry me, I better hear them complain.”

“Jelnaya, they surely will have their focus on you. Now, come with me. I want to assure that you are worth the trouble those men go through.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-Five


“Still, Jelnaya, why would they seal the connection?”

“You make contact with Grandfather Terish’s world, and that could give you bargaining power with Grandfather Terish. Politicians are not that intelligent. Their objectives are power and money, everything else are momentary annoyances or bargaining chips.”

“I can see that your years of being a high-noble have made you more appreciative to the machinations of those in power.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-Four


Reaching for a dial, I said, “Let’s do this.”

Indicating he did understand, he replied, “That will force us to kill him.”

“No, but for him to prove Potorly wrong. At the moment I believe my fey suitor is correct, so our opponent needs to die.”

Oprillot also showed an understanding of what I was about to do as he said, “It will force us to fight our way further up the stairs.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-Three


“Well.” Baron Ferrigote took some steps to a set of flat doors set into a stone wall, then spun to ask, “Was that you talking, or Fergush?”

“Don’t worry, Great-uncle, as I will protect you.”

“Okay. I’m not as paranoid as the man I consider my brother, but I still know what a warning is. Lead the way, Jelnaya.”

Oprillot stepped near me, then softly said, “Wow! That is something to consider. That lady might be speaking the words from her god.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-Two


“Why didn’t the one we met mention the castle?”

“I guess because he probably thought we had noticed that big imposing building.”

“I am going to assume he wants the place torn down.”

Potorly actually smiled as he asked, “So, you will fight to kill buildings?”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty-One


I had to admit, “I am enjoying this. I however am wondering just how far things can go with us.”

She stepped up to me, and I felt her breath on my lips as she said, “You will be allowed to go as far as you want. If you fear me, don’t marry me.”

Without moving, I said, “I don’t fear you, but I recognize what you represent. It awes me.”

“Well, it is your decision to make.” She backed away, then asked, “What did you find?”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Thirty


Definitely not willing to reduce my standing, I asked, “And why would I let you do that?”

“Because you have boys chasing you. I know you give them a hard time, but what they represent is something serious that you will need to truly focus upon. If this mission becomes something requiring time and logistics to manage, leave me to it.”

“They were sent by Onathia and Samayer. I am Fergush. They need to accept that.”

“Jelnaya, they were sent to make you into a wife and mother. You need to accept that.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Twenty-Nine


“What will you give for us to allow you to pass?”

Not having anything of my fairy life with me, except my sword that I was not going to part with, I tried a tactic that had a possibility of working. “The problems have come here. The problems were here. We will give you the blessing of removing the problems before they become a part of you.”

“That is not a gift.”

“Then I will tell the others that you are willing to face this problem on your own. Actually, we have another way. Instead of going the way he went, we can go the way he came.”

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Without a Light I See
Chapter Twenty-Eight


Baron Ferrigote said, “But you had to go looking for Zokull. That’s what this is, isn’t it? You were looking for something you should not have been.”

“You did promote the gods. You admitted having one of your own, but since we did not know Fergush we suspected he was actually Zokull who revealed himself to you by the other name. Attempting to duplicate your success to continue the peace you brought to this world, we did go searching.”

“There is nothing wrong with searching. What was wrong was looking where you should not have.”