It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp22

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Two


Master Lossurp declared, “I did it, Phissip! I killed that thing all by myself. There is however no honor in simply the story, but for something like this I need the head.”

From a distance came the voice of Sheik Brelask saying, “He’s right, Phissip. Help your brother take the head into the shop.” After all the youths moved into the building, Sheik Brelask said, “You promised that you would not hurt the boy, Honored Duchess Jelnaya. It however seems that you tried to do so.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp21

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-One


Krachern asked, “You sent her away?”

“Well, not as in ordering her to go. Still, we wanted her to be something she did not want to be. She was right to go.” I then mumbled more than said, “Munulva, why should our answers be out here?”

“Children are supposed to want to leave home. I’m sure your Goddess understands that you will return. Most children do.”

Accepting that my words had been heard, I went ahead and asked, “Krachern, you believe that?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp20

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty


“Each of you have problems, Krachern.”

The large hands and height of the horse person made his bow rather evident, then he said, “You are a very lovely lady, Jelnaya, but I was setting my sights on Inchell.”

“I’m not going to get mad at you for that. I’m also not saying I was setting my sights on you.”

“Okay, but the other option is that you see this mission as dangerous. Complicated for you is deadly for others.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp19

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Nineteen


“I’m not going to become like you.”

I calmly replied, “I know. You are only looking for a better rut than the one you have been living in. I don’t live in a rut.”

“Maybe, but I am hoping to make my life better. At present I see it as getting worse.”

“Well, how long did you stay practicing?” Seeing her simply look at me I felt answered my question, so I said, “Maybe the rut you want is not one you will be happy with.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp18

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Eighteen


“I am out here for research purposes only. In fact, the group that funds my travels will actually chide me for what combat I do face. That is why I am doing my paperwork here. I can recuperate without the ridicule of being hurt for what was actually a necessary risk.”

I had to say, “But you won your battle.”

“I have learned things. I am cautious, but sometimes I can see success in facing a challenge. I can however make mistakes, and I must point out that I did get hurt rather seriously.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp17

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Seventeen


I did curtsey before proceeding down, and I guess because I was going to be a fellow resident Krachern asked, “And where are you from, Inchell?”

I answered, “Davelda.”

“Oh. I see, so you are one of the thorns that pricks those of Jelnaya’s family.”

“We are trying to become better.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp16

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Sixteen


Lossurp looked at the token while asking, “What could others demand with this?”

Makinor replied, “She is the Champion of He-Who-Fights. Some will toss that before her with the intent of going against her.”

I added, “There is honor for anyone who can give me a good fight.”

Lossurp asked, “Do you kill those who fail?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp15

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Fifteen


I told them to give me the middle watch. Both divine champions shrugged and went back to eating. Our attention then became focused on Master Lossurp as he returned from the river. When told to get some blankets and lie down, I found myself interested in his strong response.

“You don’t think I can do this.”

Princess Jelnaya replied, “This has nothing to do with ability, but with attitude.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp14

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Fourteen


Princess Jelnaya replied, “Might as well have fun. I have no idea about weather conditions. We are going to have to deal with this for a number of miles. We can gripe and complain, or have some fun.”

I had to admit, “I didn’t dress for weather like this.”

“I usually deal with it by staying active. We can get moving, or have a snowball fight.”

“Well, I want to get out of this. Let’s start moving.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp13

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirteen


I could not deny the statement, so allowed, “Okay, I guess you can call me that if you want. Fine.”

Makinor said, “You just won a battle against her, lad. Feel happy.”

Lossurp asked, “Does it happen only rarely?”

“Tell you what, on the way back I will ask you to answer that.”