It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp32

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Two


“If that is true then when they come for the rifle they should do so nicely.”

“Our problem is that we don’t care. We just want to complete our mission. Whatever else is going on, is something we would rather not deal with.”

Makinor asked, “Why is that our problem?”

“Because we are going to have to deal with it.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp31

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-One


I had moved up to better hear the words. What I heard made me glad that I did. Feeling the need to get in the middle of this conversation, I moved up to ask a question I felt would give me a perspective on what the divine champions were sensing.

“Makinor, are you suggesting that the show with the military is not as they said?”

He replied, “It was not the military that disrupted those missiles. They were going to let them strike.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp30

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty


“And why would they give up?”

I felt that was a dumb question. “Because no one else has made it. It’s still there, and no one has claimed its discovery. Everyone throughout the ages has given up.”

The man nodded, then said, “Then I will give you my blessing. Please, Honored Duchess, make yourself at home.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp29

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Nine


“How much would a horse like this cost?”

Makinor replied, “Three pounds of gold at a minimum. It depends on things after that.” He looked to Princess Jelnaya and whispered, “I did not get a discount.”

She replied, “Wearing shiny armor they probably assumed you could afford it.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp28

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Eight


“I have a home – Jelnaya, I can’t bring a wife there, especially one like Inchell. It’s a simple place.”

“Okay. Do you fuss at Onathia for that, or does she fuss at you?”

A very displeased expression crossed his features, then he admitted, “Onathia just asked me the same question.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp27

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Seven


“What?” I exclaimed, although spoke quickly to assure him I meant no disrespect. “I am not being secretive for any clandestine reason. I just want to be the first. Surely you know what is there. You live here.”

“Yes. I live here. If there is something up there, I should know. The fact that I don’t should tell you that it is not there.”

“But it is there.” I looked at Princess Jelnaya as I said, “I’ve had one of your Gods assure me it is there. He said you were at fault for not –“ I set my focus on the granddaughter of my empress, then asked, “What are we going to find?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp26

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Six


“Might as well go for you as well, Inchell. You’re not going to find your rut, but there are answers. I am going for more than regaining my true form. Immortality and the hand of a wonderful lady are within my grasp. I will go for both.”

I could not help but reply, “That is a dismal poem.”

“The gifts are unappreciated, thus the title of the poem. Yours is no better. It only a dream can be. I am however out here not traveling with those of dreams, but real people. I promise you that I will appreciate the gifts I gain.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp25

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Five


One agent did ask, “Honored Duchess Jelnaya, are those blades sharp?”

I admitted, “I could slice you in half.”

“When would you use something like that?”

“When you have run away and are cowering hoping for the dawn to come, I will be using this. It really is not good against a single skilled opponent. Against groups, there really is not a better weapon.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp24

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Four


Makinor said, “It was pleasant moving with Jelnaya through her realm. The people were friendly. I had no problem until I advanced upon the castle of one of her vassals to meet her. They were protective of her.”

Krachern commented, “That should be expected.”

“I’m a representative of one of our gods.”

Princess Jelnaya said, “The one opposed to Fergush, and you were in your shiny armor.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp23

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Twenty-Three


“We don’t have any gods.”

The one I assumed to be the lad’s father pulled out some money, then gave it to his son while saying, “Sha Inchell, go ahead and detour to Felnaith. Honored Duchess Jelnaya, see that my son buys the item there.”

It took me by surprise when it was Makinor, and not Krachern, that asked, “Is there a reason, Jelnaya?”

“There’s always a reason,” I replied, “just sometimes not a very good one.”