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Aden of Aden
Chapter Thirty-Two

“Tell Yelnoth that he better not lose you. My land has again found hope, and I cannot have them lose it.”

“He will need to come to Thiminy to spend time courting me.”

“Ah. Well, at the moment I have other things on my mind. Help me, Aden of Aden, then I assure you that I will have a conversation with the heir to my one remaining realm.”

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I moved to the risers while asking, “Queen Tiolotha, why? Surely this land concerned you. While you were born elsewhere, you came here to live, raise children, and have this land claim you for their own. Surely you cared. Surely you were willing to do what was necessary.”

The queen-mother spewed, “It was gross, menial labor. It was beneath me.”

Princess Turponia asked, “And all the other things you do about the castle are not?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Thirty

I had to ask, “Could we ask Queen Tiolotha?”

King Terish replied, “No. I wouldn’t advise it. The viscount could, because as her vassal he would have some shared loyalty. I however would advise that you have Lechost do it, although I suspect he already will.”

Viscount Handarl said, “You mean when he returns defeated.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Nine

As she rode off, my father said, “Keep thinking things through, Aden. If you find me concerned for you, it is just that I don’t want you coming home with two husbands.”

He tried to keep a straight face when I looked at him, but suddenly a wide grin showed on his features. He did not laugh, but if I had said something he might have. I actually wanted him to speak to me, even if only to joke, so I did my best not to sound harsh as I made a reply.

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Eight

“If they do what is required.”

“If they don’t, we leave. Honestly, Dumourl, you could leave now.”

“There is no way I’m doing that. I heard that little lecture you gave your daughter. Also, there are my kind of people here. It is in my interest to see this matter through.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Of course, but at the moment I am considering leaving tomorrow. Lechost found his way to me. I would hope his friendship, possibly his own desire to spend time with me, will have him show you the way to Thiminy.”

“I could not influence you to stay?”

“The opposite has happened. I have been influenced to leave. If you seek me, prepare to speak of certain things. Your parents can direct you as to what.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Six

“Any reason not to have their son?”

“The very reason I might have us leave in the morning.” I then decided, “Ludene, you go give the couple my answer. It really is not Dumourl’s place.”

As the lady made her exit, I heard the lizard man say to her, “Go ahead. It’s not like I could overcome any objections.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Five

The stag said, “Hope is simply having something good to believe in, Aden. The women merely hoped to survive another day, and that is not a good life. They failed us and the land in general. Let them know that is where the evil still lurks. I am sorry, Aden of Aden, but the fact that you are a female will have it involve you.”

“The men are worthy, Aden. The one that gets you will love and adore you. Still, do not give them your heart unless you feel the women will also rise to dream with the men. Being alone, Aden, can make even a dream a dismal thing.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Four

“I understand. What should I prepare for tomorrow?”

“I will be riding with Princess Turponia. None of the religious icons, as we will going to face fairies.”

“Fairies? What more miracles will you bring to this land?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Three

“Why?” When the royal lady turned to me, I explained, “Why do you think they don’t know the threat you are under? Has the threat of Belconosk been something to only affect your family?”

She stayed on her knees as she replied, “No, but it is assumed that the affairs of humans are not considered the affairs of the fairies.”