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Aden of Aden
Chapter Seventeen

Nick looked to the one on the throne as he said, “Now, I really do need to be introduced.”

The lady replied, “I cannot do it, Brother.” She stood, and upon raising her hand I heard the sound of bars being placed on the doors as I watched the room become dark as the windows were closed. “This is all make-up. I am not our mother.”

“Then I am doomed?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Sixteen

“Well, if that is all you want to say, let me add that I do not like having to wear the same clothes continually.”

Nick said, “Mother should have clothes for you, but it will still be a couple of days. Sorry.”

Dumourl replied, “She was probably honest, but her words were still a misdirect, Nick. Get back to leading us.” While he set himself to following, the eyes of the lizard person continued to look to me until he had a chance to whisper, “Are you falling in love with him?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Fifrteen

“I don’t care,” the lizard person replied. “It should keep him away, which should allow me some time to rest. Scream if you need to.”

“I can fight. At least, I can hold a weapon. I never really practiced. Still, my father is only a knight, and we live in an unprotected community. Certain skills were taught.” Not really satisfied with my own words, I added, “I can also scream.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Fourteen

The young man knelt, then said, “No. I will take a place as you servant. If you have a claim to protect her then you will have an ally.”

The lizard person looked to me to ask, “Do you know what this is about?”

I replied, “I do not. That young man has not bothered to properly introduce himself, then ran away when challenged. As for the dragon, I do not know about it either.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Thirteen

“Well, I was told not to make a decision too quickly.”

“Probably from the very person who latched onto me no sooner than did I step into the courtyard of her home. You’re looking for something, Aden of Aden. I guess that you do not know what, but you are looking. When you find it, why look further?”

I felt the answer to that was obvious, “Because I will not recognize it.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twelve

“I don’t blame her, but I just wish she would talk to me. This is a big decision. It is a major step in my like, and I wish she was here.”

“It is a big decision, Aden. Still, it is your decision. Don’t let me, your parents, or even fate take from you the fact that it is your decision.”

Hearing a word, I felt I had an opportunity to turn the conversation onto a topic that would not trouble me. “Fate?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Eleven

“No,” I replied with conviction. “It’s joy. It’s happiness. Mother did the right things, and chose the proper path, and it led to her doom. She is not a baroness, or duchess, or having children that are princes and princesses, and she is happy. She wants me to be happy. What I am feeling is that my happiness will not be in a castle.”

“What if you are hearing the call of another? You just spoke of one’s name being powerful. What if someone is using your name to gain power over you?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Ten

She released me, but set herself before me in a commanding way before asking a question, “Now, Aden of Aden, why did you go to Thiminy?”

I answered, “It was time for me to make a decision. My mother was a princess, and I told my father that I wanted to be the mother of princesses.”

“Have you been told that was an easy gift to gain?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Nine

My father came to my door to escort me to breakfast. I saw my mother, but she signaled for me to take my father’s arm. As I took a place next to him, I spoke in a manner to hopefully include her as well.

“What about the young man you rushed off after.”

Father replied, “Aden of Aden, that is something everyone wants to know. Thus, I would request that you wait until we are sat at the meal.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Eight

I froze with fear that she would turn and go away. Seeing her just continue to look at me with a smile on her face did not help my attitude. I however could not think of anything to say, but with fear said the only thing I could come up with.

“It’s the only thing I know to do.”

“Well, we can certainly work on that.”