It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp9

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Nine


He sat a text on the counter, then said, “Well, it helped me convince my father to purchase some better texts on the topic. When I finish, I will see about placing them in the library.”

“That would be so kind.”

“You’re over seven hundred years old?”

Not wanting my age to become public knowledge, I simply replied, “Well, I’m older than you.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp8

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Eight


“You lost, Shenorn. Let me have your sword.” When the weapon was tossed to him, he brandished it then did some tricks with it before saying, “Honored Duchess, Baron Nuchirg sends you his love.”

I replied, “I believe my cousin and I are glad our lands are so far from each other. How do you know him?”

“My grandfather is one of those that came with Ferrigote to this world from Gaeskow. What do I gain if I make you gain your sword?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp7

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Seven


She replied, “You just came back, Princess Jelnaya. Are you sure you want to go anywhere?”

“I said ‘need,’ so the answer is, ‘yes.’ Also, I don’t consider being about my domains as being away. I assure you that I was handling business.” Hoping to inspire her to get to work, I added, “The one we are supposed to rescue is from Davelda.”

“The book is from Davelda. What am I looking for?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp6

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Six


“Inchell, how old are you?”

While a question of my age, it came from another lady. “Seven hundred thirty-six.”

“I don’t even believe the thirty-six.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp5

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Five


“Yes. Fergush, well Samayer, gave me this realm. I will not leave it.”

“Well, uh, so you are going to marry some second son, or… who?”

I laughed while saying, “Well, I am interested in that as well. Still, I will not be a stranger, Dagrouch. You keep checking on me, and I assure you that I will bring the man around to get your approval.”


It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp4

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Four


“Yes, well, Honored Duchess Jelnaya, Sir Vidoyer challenged me to sing under your balcony tonight. Said I had as good a chance to win your hand as anyone else. I believe he meant none at all.”

“Now, Dagrouch, I did make Fergush promise me that I would have it all. That does mean a husband. There will be certain requirements, but you are far too young to dash your hopes. You said sing. Are you good?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp3

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Three


“’A spy as you would define it?’ A spy is a spy. You, my lovely, are going to learn things about being a spy.”

I replied, “I said I was a soldier. Out of duty you may do with me as you will, as letting you learn things about being my enemy will not serve me well.”

From a distance, I heard, “Yes, it will. Do it!”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp2

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Two


“I hope that is Cloript speaking and not you.”

She seemed disturbed by my words, although said, “Well, yes.”

“Good. Listen, your god is opposed to the goddess of this realm. I am dealing with a Champion of Onathia, who is opposed to my god. Admit it, something really bad is coming.”
A new story begins.

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp1

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter One


“Glad that I could clear up that misconception.” Just so we did not get stalled on matters of the family business, I rose to look at the one being held. “Is this Ferrish?”

“That’s him. He’s to be the next one to live under the threat of continuing the family or having you in control of Kallotech.”

“And he’s third instead of second.”

Balerk’s wife, Punollin, said, “May the gods help us if we have two like you, Jelnaya.”

Aden of Aden: Cp33

Aden of Aden
Chapter Thirty-Three

Screams sounded as the royal lady moved to take some items from one of the ladies, as a reverberating voice could be heard to exclaim, “NO!”

The head that came up was almost larger than the pond. Body and wings came from the ground. The grand dragon rose not as a physical creature. The water, ground, and trees were not disturbed as it made itself known. We all however felt its presence once it came onto the surface of the land.