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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Twenty-Five

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

My two wives tried to get excited about finally getting to see my home, but found me not willing to join in the speculation with them. My only satisfaction was that they did not argue with me when I told them to head to Mersidda’s home and wait for me should things get desperate. Feeling that my wives would remain safe, I worried about what I speculated about conditions outside the wall.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Meaningless Preparations

Aden turned from the door that the baron slammed shut behind him to say, “My lord, I really don’t understand.”

I moved to wrap my arms around her while saying, “I don’t understand either. Sometimes you hope for understanding after making a connection, but most of the time you simply have to be satisfied that you made the connection.”

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Planning for the End

I woke up feeling the effects of the alcohol, but having two lovely ladies caring for me definitely helped me get into the mood to start my day. Where usually it was the other way around, I found it enjoyable to watch Aden move around naked while Mersidda was dressed. Finally feeling myself shake the effects of the alcohol, I let the ladies know my plans.

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Chapter Twenty-One

Den of Iniquity

It did feel different leaving the castle alone. Having only been married for a few days, I expected the old feeling of going out to return. Back then I however had nothing else to do. Now I had whiskey, I had women, I had almost everything I needed. I thus felt like I was going to work in leaving to a place where I once went to forget about my days of work.

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Chapter Twenty

Thoughts on Thoughts

Again I was made comfortable in a chair, but instead of reading Aden sat on the floor beside me and laid her head on a leg. She did not look in my direction, but I could tell that she did not cry. Mersidda said nothing about her, and I let her be as well.

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Chapter Nineteen
Back with My Wives

Both my wives were using pins to hold sections of cloth together that I could recognize as being a future dress. They both smiled and spoke pleasant words at seeing me. Honestly, I could not help but show pleasure in seeing them. I however stood in the doorway while letting it be known that I had not yet finished my business.

“Aden. Honestly, I need Tamesa, but she is your property, so come.”

My mature wife replied, “She is our property, my lord.”

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Chapter Eighteen
Back Underground

I really did not learn anything new about women, but I let my wives know that just because they could not share my bed that I would not ignore them. I hugged and kissed Mersidda as much as possible. The smile on her face said that she appreciated what I did, but she never said anything about challenging Aden concerning certain activities. All that my young wife would say was that she looked forward to her time of having me all to herself.

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Chapter Seventeen
Holes in the Outline

I found Mersidda cheerfully chatting with some soldiers. She was properly seated, and they were at a respectful distance, so I actually found myself glad that she was not bored. A few soldiers turned as I came up the levee. Mersidda looked to see what had caused their reaction, then cheerfully sounded my name as she rushed upon me.

After trading some affection with my little wife, I located an officer and asked, “Any trouble with oozes?”

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Chapter Sixteen
An Interesting Surprise

I warned the soldiers on duty what I planned on doing. They spoke of others attempting it with everyone turning and walking away disappointed. I mentioned the psychic vision I saw when I contacted the shell down in the barracks. The soldiers agreed that the others that attempted what I would be doing all claimed that the problem was hopeless.