The Fey Bride of Elfland: Cp19

The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Nineteen

Queanay probably expected some comments when she mentioned being able to prepare a cold soup, but Chamorrick and I both had our minds on other things. As we moved against the wall, I believe that we sought a place to sit simply to help us control our anxiety. Queanay directed us to stones that could be moved. Some took the efforts of both Chamorrick and me, but soon we found ourselves able to sit in a comfortable setting and put our attention on the things we felt important.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Eighteen
Another Interesting Lady

Chamorrick became all excited when we told him the next day of receiving the directions to visit the pure elves. I believe that Queanay would have spent time walking with him, but she never gained a chance. Chamorrick became all agitated and rushing around, so the lady stayed with me simply because I gave her a consistent presence.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Seventeen
Pleasant Conversations

The gorges in the terrain did not become shallow as we moved up the volcano. Finding fresh water thus became an issue this evening has it did the evening before. Chamorrick again suggested we call down to get the permission of a nymph. Considering that the cuts in the landscape did not go away, we had no choice but to stay next to the gorge we had stayed in the night before. I was not against having my half-brother call down, although Queanay was.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Sixteen
The Distance of Desires

The little man wished us a good day as he left early in the morning. The ground at the bottom of the gorge was rocky and I guess near the water table, as my bedroll began to get damp from my weight pressing it into the soil next to the stream. I thus was awake softly complaining about the lack of comfort when I heard the little man tell me that he wished us well as he strode down the gorge.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Fifteen – Part Two
The Wealth of a Changing Land

Once his panting reduced to normal breaths, Chamorrick moved to the edge of the gorge while saying, “Trolls are filthy creatures, but if there is water down there it might be best to go on down.”

We both turned with shock to hear the voice of the small man say, “Of course there is water down there. Water does not bother trolls, and they usually lair where others will come to them.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Fifteen – Part One
The Wealth of a Changing Land

The land was increasing in height, but not in any regular fashion. I got the definite impression of traveling over an ancient lava flow from the cuts into the land. The higher we moved up with the terrain, the more we began fearing the drops often hidden by thick growths of plants.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Fourteen
Assurance of the Quality of Advice

That evening Queen Titania basically supported Chamorrick’s statement of going south. He spoke of knowing about the volcano, but not how to approach to gain proper recognition from the pure fey. Queen Titania gave him advice along with a feathery cloak that had me grinning as it looked similar to the one my half-brother tried to have me wear.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Thirteen – Part Two
A Visit with Queen Titania

All I had seen were marble stones, but coming around to the front definitely presented the construction as a wonderful proclamation of it being the home of an important person. Thin columns to the sides of ivory covered doors broke one’s concentration on elaborate reliefs showing the creatures and items of famous love stories. Hearts abounded, but there were flowers, cups, weapons piercing the vital areas of monsters, and other such images in the stone.

Only Fools Complain: Cp27

Only Fools Complain
Chapter Twenty-Seven


Aden’s father had a rather comfortable camp established. Mersidda was driving the wagon, and I knew better than to try and direct her against the directions of the soldiers. I simply dropped from the wagon to stand and examine the placement of tents, items, and fires. Aden’s father noticed me, and rode over to ask a question while still sitting on his horse.

“You have a problem?”

“Yes. You have been here a while.”