People in the Mist: Cp5

People in the Mist
Chapter Five

While I could sense where Father was, I could not see him even as I heard his voice ask, “And why is that, Vernallor?”

“Because he should know. He sent me here to ask you for one of the pieces of the Trunk of Veskagren, but I feel he could have done that himself.”

“Just the one piece, Vernallor?”

That response perplexed me, so I asked, “You have more?”

People in the Mist: Cp4

People in the Mist
Chapter Four

Heratin said, “It seems that our big brother is again turning to my youngest brother to have him solve the problem.”

Orintious replied, “I told him that he was being paid.”

“Yes, you did. Vernallor, let me advise you that next time to ask for your money up front.”

While I accepted the words as just a jest, I still replied, “I will only begin doing that after Orintious fails to pay me.”

People in the Mist: Cp3

People in the Mist
Chapter Three

“I did not find Orintious’ family by tracing the clues of how he came to Father, but clues I found in him. The mystery is you, Vernallor, not Thursdeck.”

My valet said, “I would have to support her words, Master Vernallor.”

I had to admit, “I really do not know much about myself.”

My sister replied, “And that is just something we all need to seek. You however do seem to be a good person, Vernallor. Don’t lose that.”

People in the Mist: Cp2

People in the Mist
Chapter Two

Mochsha said, “That means Thursdeck will be allowed to sleep in this house when Vernallor is staying, or busy in the area possibly fishing with Dechapper.”

It helped me when I heard Nerframe admit, “Thursdeck is all right.”

The man had stood silently all this time, but now he bowed as he said, “Thank you, Lady Nerframe.”

“Vernallor is my friend. He is not just the brother of my lady, but my friend. Don’t you ever spoil that relationship.”
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People in the Mist: Cp1

People in the Mist
Chapter One

“You know that I will at times house my men at one of father’s residences. He has never spoken against it, although has warned me about some men. Heratin gets a new lady each year, and father does not refuse them. Other siblings have taken on valets, maids, etc., let me even say spouses, and they have not been refused.”

“And he has not spoken against Nerframe.”

“And she is an odd one.” Orintious then turned back to the man to ask, “Who is she?”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp39

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Nine


At the end of my presentation, I added, “And I will still dance in front of the best Kallotech has to offer and suffer no harm.”

Hearing Bechorei then say, “So, you dance?” brought a smile to my face.

“Yes, I will dance. Actually enjoy it.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp38

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Eight


“I saw you turn to these strangers, Lossurp. Why do you think they would know?”

“Sha Inchell has studied things of this world. She brought me here. She might know. As for Makinor, he is a divine champion. If he knew something I would trust what he told me.”

“But you would not trust me?”

“I don’t know you.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp37

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Seven


“Everyone on Davelda is immortal. Well, was immortal, as they are again having children. It’s a long story, but Inchell is over seven hundred years old.”

“How old is Makinor?”

I could not help but smile as I answered, “Fifty-two.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp36

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Six


“No, Nemerra. I have heard too much, seen too much. I am hoping my father understands. Wait for me to finish, Nemerra, then we can make plans.”

I believe the girl began crying, although was relieved to hear an older lady say, “I believe I can understand your caution, Master Lossurp.”

“Thank you, Sheikha Deshim. Do not fear that I will work against your plans. What I fear is what I am going through forcing me to take a different path.”

It Only a Dream Can Be: Cp35

It Only a Dream Can Be
Chapter Thirty-Five


He seemed embarrassed, but replied, “Her younger sister is being presented to my father for me. I’m a second son, but it seems this mission is giving me status.”

I had to ask, “You have not heard from your father?”

“I won’t until it’s final. That is why I am talking to Cherine. She’s a classmate, and a friend. She is making sure that I am not against it.”

Princess Jelnaya then said, “You see, Makinor. You make plans ahead of time.”