To Face the Ugly Deed: Cp9

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Nine

“Your family makes siege engines?”

“No, Makinor. If Onathia wants you to get deadly, have her send you to me for a week. I will show you deadly. I will have you meet my father and listen to him brag on the kill power of what his company produces. Might let you meet my Grandfather Terish as well.”

His glance to me had me suspect another question, but he instead said, “After this mission I will see if Onathia will reveal more of her path for me, Jelnaya. In a proper arrangement of things, I believe She-Who-Loves will again simply have a champion of He-Who-Fights join me should things truly have a possibility of getting deadly.”

To Face the Ugly Deed: Cp8

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Eight

I left the house as my wife started speaking about what she saw of it. The words disturbed me, as she was the one that put everything as it was. Moving through the community I heard talk of everything from us needing to relocate, prepare for war, to building a church. People called to me asking about Eashae as I stopped to make my own sense of things. Not being able to answer, I saw a strange man with some elder ladies carrying food and headed to them.

Elder Thamoss had a barn, and seeing them head in that direction I ran ahead to open the door. The lady with the red and yellow hair was inside moving with her sword, but stopped seeing me. I pushed open the door for the others to pass while speaking to the one already present.

“I want to know what you did.”

Nebard has to face a major decision.

To Face the Ugly Deed Cp6

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Six

Priven did speak to his mother. I found out when my mother brought him and his mother to my barn. I was worried about a mother goat that I felt was carrying triplets. When I mentioned the situation to the others, Priven’s mother spoke a reply.

“You are being blessed, Nebard. However, just like your mother goat is going to have difficulties, your blessing will come with troubles as well. I am telling Priven, and now telling you, to see them through.”

To Face the Ugly Deed Cp4

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Four

I looked up from where I was setting a trap. Winter was coming, which usually brought predators seeking food outside their usual territory. Wondering about Eashae on those nights I felt it necessary to stay up watching for threats to my animals, I looked up surprised to see her coming to me.

“Husband, come home.”

To Face the Ugly Deed Cp3

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Three

Great-aunt Dirchein put up no resistance to traveling to see Lebranaut. Great-uncle Ferrigote knew the man as well, but it was his wife who wanted to give me a birthday party. I spoke with her about birthdays as we traveled to Nerkeggon, and being immortal as well she laughed saying that it was just an excuse to spend time with me.

To Face the Ugly Deed Cp2

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Two

Eashae was making breakfast. Everything promised to me had happened. In a way it was wonderful. I had a woman, one that I had chosen myself, in my house doing the things I thought a woman was to do. I went to her wanting to touch, hold, fondle her breasts, and she let me. She did not complain, although she did glance to the fire and I understood that she needed to finish making my breakfast.

To Face the Ugly Deed CP1

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter One

The arrow flew straight and sunk into the man’s neck. I would not say that I was scared, but there was a lot of risk should I become found. I had fought armies, and walked into a den of vicious monsters. Certain threats and mentalities did not bother me. This situation had me fear both, so I was being very cautious. I moved to assure no one targeted me in retracing the flight of the arrow, then set up to take down another potential threat.

The Fey Bride of Elfland: Epilogue

The Fey Bride of Elfland

Upon our arrival at Florinew the couple had a busy day of seeing everyone. They had to walk through town, then through the castle, allowing to all to meet the new member of their royal family. Since there was no TV or radio, it was the best way to get out the word. It stressed Chamorrick and Lasotherral, but smiles stayed on their faces as they handled the formality of assuring that everyone knew who they were.