A Wish for Hope - Cp18

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Eighteen

“They’re still nothing but worms in my book, Princess.”

“Your opinion counts, Vulge, but right now we need to be about business. That means we act as professionals.”

Both began advancing further as Vulge said, “They don’t rate too highly there either, Princess.”

“There was a time you and I did not rate that highly either, Vulge. We had to prove ourselves, so we give the three the same hope others gave us.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp17

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Seventeen

“What about the children?”

The volume of her voice barely carried up to me on the wall. What really hit me however was the tone. Something in her body language also disturbed me. I thus dropped the volume of my voice, but set my words with weight as I commanded the soldier to keep the lady with him.

A Wish for Hope - Cp16

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Sixteen

As I stepped away, three men stepped up. I noticed they came from the city and not from a position around the church. Wondering about them, I stopped to allow the men to state their positions.

When all they did was kneel while presenting their weapons, I went ahead and allowed, “Come on.”

Now Vulge spoke, “Hold it, Duchess Jelnaya! Why are you allowing them?”

“Because they are stupid, Vulge. This however is a realm to Samayer, so if they manage to survive I’ll deal with them.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp15

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Fifteen

“Have you been told what we found in what is now my castle?”

The man answered the question without any statement of her changing the topic. “No, Jelnaya.”

“Something really wrong happened, Shospeck. Cleaning the church might not be the best option.”

“It’s mostly stone, Jelnaya. Can’t burn it down.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp14

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Fourteen

The young man rose to say, “That would be good for the men, but I ask to accompany you, Your Honored Grace. I am Prince Mesonch, and I would like to get to know the one who will become my superior.” He really should not have added, “His majesty said that you were pretty.”

I saw Vulge grinning, so advanced on the young man, let me say that he might have been fifteen, as I said, “You had me lose an argument, Mesonch. Still, get who should accompany you and come on.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp13

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Thirteen

“No.” I stayed erect with shock, although was glad she said more. “If you had been sent to, or simply found yourself working with, someone else, maybe those words would be enough. I however am a divine champion. If you are going to stay here, you are going to have to accept the gods of this world. I’ll dump you back on your world in a heartbeat otherwise.”

Thinking quickly, I replied, “But, Honored Duchess, that answer would also apply should I have spoken in favor of joining the other fox people.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp12

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twelve

“We found a number of these, Princess Neselle. Considered it something particular to the family or place.”

“Don’t you recognize it?” I asked with a stern tone to my voice. “We have a serious problem that involved this place. A problem so serious that Jelnaya had to slaughter people and military. Something wrong, like this, should have been reported.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp11

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Eleven

I kept my face expressing my seriousness even as Horgulse showed fear as he said, “You don’t know my situation, Duchess.”

“Sure I do. Death.”

One dressed in robes said, “I would take her words seriously, Baron.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp10

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Ten

“Brutheyer, is Esgalia presenting you with a problem?”

“No, Lord Terish. I believe he just had questions.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder as the man said, “Esgalia, I honestly do not know how your situation involves Jelnaya. According to what she has told me, your problem should have been stabilized.”

Those words got me angry, so I spewed, “We were changed into animals.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp9

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Nine

I moved to pat the man on a cheek while saying, “That’s a compliment, Vulge. Now, back to what we are here to do.”

Aunt Neselle however stopped me to ask, “Didn’t you find it strange to encounter so many of these monsters?”

“I was looking for something to justify the death I caused. Honestly, Aunt Neselle, I was glad to see so many.”