A Wish for Hope - Cp4

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Four

What stopped me was seeing the fox people. Vulge I could understand. While I definitely wanted to speak to him, the fact that he came with fox people troubled me.

Not hearing my god speak, I strode forward feeling that one thing that happened the day before provided me with a direction to go while also explaining the arrival of someone I trusted. “All right, Vulge, you’re in charge!”

He replied, “I’m in charge? In charge of what?”

A Wish for Hope - Cp3

A Wish for Hope
Chapter Three

Vulge asked, “Are they dangerous?”

I could not prevent myself from saying, “You just heard that there were more of us, many more, but they were slaughtered with some eaten in my presence. What does that tell you about us being dangerous?”

“Listen, we are talking about moving through the omniverse. There are things out there that could possibly slaughter and eat Prince Venicht’s father, and some will come as simple, weak beggars.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp2

A Wish for Hope
Chapter One

I took the weapon while saying, “Don’t lose that one.”

“I understand its importance. You wanted a holy weapon. This one definitely has an origin from a source completely divine. You also wanted something to perform mass slaughter in tight conditions. Trust that Fergush understood the benefits of the drahaberd. Now, fight!”
A new Jelnaya tale.

A Wish for Hope - Cp1

A Wish for Hope
Chapter One

Returning Petty to Brullusk, he asked, “You want a loaner horse, Princess Jelnaya?”

“No,” I answered. “I think I will spend time hunting. It might not actually fall into the activity of fighting, but there are skills used in hunting that it would not hurt for me to work on.”

“Don’t get Fergush mad at you, Jelnaya.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp31

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Thirty-One

“Yes, and we do not mean to be ungracious, but we feel that we have overcome your little reality.”

“And you want a prize?” This time it was Sterrig who made a sound of graciousness, and with the tentacles showing what I felt to be a shrug I heard Chanamich ask, “And what would you suggest the prize to be?”

“The gold. All of it.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp30

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Thirty

“We’re doomed,” I worked to voice, “but I promised. I really did promise.”

“Promised what, Vernallor?”

I stood while saying, “Load up with gold. If things go bad, at least we should leave with something.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp29

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Nine

“What? I’m ready to go home.”

“Without the treasure?”

His shocked expression had me relax. While I did not doubt he had something on him, I could see that he understood to load himself with more before trying anything. Sterrig moving back to the stairs had me feel relief that there was still time to solve this challenge, although seeing the expression on Theria’a face had me realize that I would have help.

The Depth of the Mists - Cp28

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Eight

Of course none of the gold removed was thrown away. We thus had an amount of wealth before stepping among a grand expanse of the metal. Rushing to get even more gold, men began to cry. A few needed to be restrained as they began to beat themselves, most with their hands with a few repeatedly sending their heads against one of the containers of the white crystals although a couple tried to inflict harm with their own weapons. Those of us with some degree of control over ourselves wondered what was going on even as we looked over the ground covered with gold.

The Depth of the Mists - Cp27

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Dreams of men can be strange things, Vernallor. They can get even stranger with a group like I have. What I do is not normal, Vernallor. Hell, I’m not normal, and some of my men have their own unusual stories. The wealth we saw is having all the men think on their dreams. I really see no evidence of purishorten. Keep these men thinking on the reality of our situation, and we might live to see our dreams.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp26

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Six

I heard one mercenary say, “We need you to commit to this, Theria.”

“I’m not suicidal,” she spewed back. “I’ll do what is necessary.”

“Yeah, I heard women tell me that before.”