The Depth of the Mists - Cp24

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Four

“That’s not the life I have ever lived, Sterrig. I didn’t believe you knew what you were talking about.”

“But it should be good that you see that I do know.”

“I’m not certain about that.”

As she again started moving off I heard a mercenary say, “Do you think on our next mission we could go after something that has us understand women?”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp23

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Three

The one that worked with the lady was shivering as if cold as he said, “That stuff might itself be purishorten for all we know.”

Theria roughly asked, “And what the hell is purishorten supposed to do to you?”

“Purify your soul.”

“Our souls? You really don’t believe that crap, do you?”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-Two

Sterrig asked, “Hey, are you saying that you are voting with me? I mean, your plan is just a secondary option should my belief not hold true.”

“That is true. Still, Sterrig, gaining this island was not done easily. Think about how fatigued we might be after adding another channel crossing. My proposal might add another step, but it also gives us a destination that we can make before we collapse from being heavily fatigued.”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty-One

“Are you saying I lied?”

Evidence could not lie. One however could misread it with the results being a wrong conclusion. Taking off things so I could look at my feet would actually not solve any problem. I however knew to push things with Sterrig, as he would lie hoping others would not challenge his evidence.

I lifted my feet to pull off my boots while saying, “Maybe the changes you noticed are simply from taking a bath.”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Twenty

The way the mercenaries acted, I sensed they had instigated this encounter even as Sterrig advanced to demand, “What are you looking at?”

I calmly answered, “The direction we need to go.” Seeing the mercenaries move to look out over the water, I added, “I however cannot determine how we are going to get there.”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Nineteen

“The fishing equipment should be on its way down right now, Sterrig. Please, just wait.”

To stress that request, I stated, “You’re not getting my sword.”

Sterrig replied, “Are you willing to kill me?”

“At least I keep my sword. If you die out there, I could possibly lose my sword.”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Eighteen

“All right, I want both of you to be careful. I will have to face Father if something happens to either of you, and that is one report I do not want to give.”

I replied, “Well, somebody needs to take care of Sterrig.”

My older brother slapped me on the back, then checked my harness while saying, “You have me there, Vernallor. Don’t let him kill himself until I can watch, all right?”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp17

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Seventeen

I felt the evidence was clear, but went ahead and let those around me hear my list of facts. “There’s nothing here, Sterrig. There is no stench of dead, decaying bodies below. There is no taint in the air of trees, dirt, or even purishorten. Except for a slight angle to the drop, where we are is no better than where we were up top.”

“I will bet you that we notice something after the next descent.”

“I hope not.” Before he could ask, I went ahead and supplied the answer. “If you feel we are getting close to the bottom, you would climb on down.”

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Sixteen

“Well, we made this far.”

“Things should get easier.”

I started ranting on how things should not get easier. I pointed out the problems with our reality. The presence of the dragon and how it had attempted to kill us I felt only supported my case. While the mercenaries expressed concern, Sterrig kept his features blank throughout my rant.

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The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Fifteen

“Safety, Sterrig. This reality we are moving to is not static. Need to make some preparations to help Father come to our rescue. Oh, yes, since we are starting this in his yard, Dechapper gets a share of the treasure.”

“That is why I stopped working with you, Orintious. You get everyone involved and split the treasure with them.”

“And yet I am the one with money.”