People in the Mist: Cp15

People in the Mist
Chapter Fifteen

“Vernallor, you are facing the same problem as was true for Mochsha. As with her, the matter can wait, has waited, but really should not continue. There is a chance evil might win out.”

I replied, “I understand what you said, but the words will be repeated to Orintious. As to what I should do if he does not accept the mission, I cannot say at the moment.”

“If you return, bring a bird, preferably an owl, but a swan or goose is acceptable.”

People in the Mist: Cp14

People in the Mist
Chapter Fourteen

Taking a moment to look at him as he approached, I shook his hand while having to admit, “I don’t know if you will like the topic or not.”

“Then we can learn more about each other. What is the topic, Vernallor?”


“Well, there are various types of greed. Let me see if the type you are speaking about interests me.”

People in the Mist: Cp13

People in the Mist
Chapter Thirteen

“Oh, I am well aware of his methods. He will start you on the path to become dangerous.”

Attempting to read into his words, I said, “You expect me to quit.”

“I have been raising you, Vernallor. I believe I know some things about you. Yes, I suspect you will quit, but I also expect the experience will teach you. I will simply wait for your next plan for your future.”

People in the Mist: Cp12

People in the Mist
Chapter Twelve

Simply to get my brother talking, I asked, “Why would Father be interested in a banker?”

“You’re thinking wrong, Vernallor. Why would someone take a baby and consider bringing him to Father? Maybe there wasn’t anything special about me, but somebody was able to move between worlds to bring me to Father. Same with you. Same with all of us.”

“But he found you interesting.”

People in the Mist: Cp11

People in the Mist
Chapter Eleven

“And you all can make breakfast. My valet can make breakfast. I traveled with you, Ochally. I have the best relationship with you.”

I kept my focus on the young lady as Heratin said, “No, Thursdeck. I do not want you making breakfast. As Vernallor said, I do have other ladies.”

As he left calling for another of his wives, I asked, “Ochally, what would it mean if you felt a need for an arcane source of power? Apostasy?”

People in the Mist: Cp10

People in the Mist
Chapter Ten

Actually knocking, the butler having horns and the general appearance of a goat opened the door saying, “I saw you arrive, Master Vernallor, but you are one to normally let yourself in.”

I replied, “I am in the wrong mood to do that, Genalda. I need to be pleasant and agreeable at the moment.”

Hearing a lady ask, “Are you certain you came to right place, Vernallor?” brought a smile to my face.

People in the Mist: Cp9

People in the Mist
Chapter Nine

The high priest went directly a question of his own, “Did you look at Galabur’s piece of the trunk?”

I answered, “I did not. What intrigued me was that my Father mentioned knowing where all the pieces were. That was enough information for me to fill certain holes in the narrative.”


People in the Mist: Cp8

People in the Mist
Chapter Eight

“What you told me is all true.”

“I am going to Orintious to tell him what I learned. What he wants to do with the information is what I now consider important. He knows why those people contacted him. I suspect that I know, but I cannot determine how they will react to what I tell them. Orintious should have a better understanding of the value of this knowledge.”

“I was going to tell you some things, but I believe now is not the time. I will wait to see if it is you or Orintious that comes.”

People in the Mist: Cp7

People in the Mist
Chapter Seven

I mentioned two books that I found referenced in the text I had been given. Certain specifications of another type of work I also requested. I felt that what I said was enough to let Father know things, so it surprised me when I found him coming toward me.

He asked, “Intrigued, Vernallor?”

“Not really,” I answered. “Dechapper just told me again that the best way to end up poor is to think you are rich. I also know that Orintious pays well.”

People in the Mist: Cp6

People in the Mist
Chapter Six

“This is not what I usually consider a mystery. I don’t feel like there is actually anything to solve, but that all the answers are there to be found.”

“If that was true, Vernallor, there would be nothing to resolve. Orintious and I said that we wanted you for a head-man. Well, put that head to work.”

Accepting the task as my assignment, I went to my room to look at the book. Going inside I was surprised by Thursdeck checking things in my closet. We spoke about my preference for fashion. Allowing him to continue with that assignment, I let him know I would be in the front room reading.