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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Six
Facing Lasotherral

It did bring Chamorrick and me relief in seeing the door open. Finding Lasotherral to be the one that did it had us breathe deep in feeling things were not all bad. She did not look to my half-brother, or the trays, we carried, but after acting as if searching for something, she opened the door fully so she could step out.

"Prince Kevin, your wife is not with you?"

"No, dear Lasotherral, as it was feared her presence would keep you in your room."

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Five
Advice from Rabbit

Both Chamorrick and King Naderron tried to get the Ice Queen to say more. I did not get the impression she was denying them, but honestly did not know what to tell them. From what I knew of the fey, I felt that there were things that could be concluded even as the mix with Chamorrick's wealth of different traits could affect his offspring in a multitude of unforeseeable ways. I thus found myself quiet as my father and half-brother tried to interrogate the Ice Queen.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Four – Part Two
Thoughts of Women

Finally, a hand movement from a guard that walked up a staircase just enough to be seen let us know to head to the front courtyard. I felt good as Queanay did not argue with my change of directions. As we walked I restated some of what she told me about some pieces of art just to let her know I had been listening.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Three
Salvation in Dance

As we were being served cups of steaming ale as a final course, the Ice Queen said, "Well, I guess there is no need for the string quartet. Since they have been gathered, I would at least like to hear one piece."

From the main doorway came the voice of Lasotherral. "No, please, I will dance. I however will not dance with Prince Chamorrick, but with Prince Kevin."

It was the Ice Queen that asked, "And the reason for that decision?"

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-Two
Supper with Lasotherral

Due to his request, I shadowed Chamorrick as he went to escort Lasotherral. While we both expected one of the wispy pure fey to answer the door, it was the darling lady that responded to the knock. When Chamorrick requested to escort the lady to supper, she stepped out although spoke of not knowing what to do.

"That troubles me," he said. "You were to have a husband, so surely know how to travel with a man."

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Twenty-One
Palace of the Ice Queen

The ride to the castle of the Ice Queen did take longer than I suspected. I would not say that it was enough time for the ladies to have a lengthy conversation, but they certainly could have done more than exchange simple pleasantries. I looked at the window of the coach and saw a blur from our rate of movement, but the ride still was long enough for Chamorrick to get some minutes of rest.

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The Fey Bride of Elfland
Chapter Nineteen

Queanay probably expected some comments when she mentioned being able to prepare a cold soup, but Chamorrick and I both had our minds on other things. As we moved against the wall, I believe that we sought a place to sit simply to help us control our anxiety. Queanay directed us to stones that could be moved. Some took the efforts of both Chamorrick and me, but soon we found ourselves able to sit in a comfortable setting and put our attention on the things we felt important.