The Depth of the Mists - Cp9

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Nine

As I passed through the front room, I saw Nerframe and commanded, “Go stick a piece of bread down Sterrig’s throat.” Strangely, she rushed out to the porch and tried to do just that, having Sterrig sputtering while asking the house elf was she was doing with me answering, “Keeping your damn mouth quiet while I read.”

He replied, “Listen, that’s not for pleasure!”

“Then pay me. Right now!” I saw the heads of Orintious’ men turn to me as I added, “If you’re not going to let me enjoy the book, pay me.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp8

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Eight

“Certainly, Lord Galabur. I however know that you have a place far above me.”

“No. You actually have many more lives trusting in your guidance than me.”

The compliments continued to pass back and forth as introductions were made. The baron had met all of us, except Father, but went through certain procedures as this was our first visit to his home. We also had not met his family. Many more comments passed between us, but the baron did move things along to the business that brought us.

The Depth of the Mists - Cp7

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Seven

“Okay, but there has to be a better version. I’m not talking about the eroticism, but just a more factual account.”

Sterrig approached with the book in his hand as he said, “You have a whole library of this stuff down there, Mochsha. I’m going to have to plan a long visit.”

She replied, “If it entertains you, Sterrig.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp6

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Six

“We just did a rescue of Mochsha. She was immortal, so could wait for us to figure things out. You’re not, Sterrig. We now had to rescue Dechapper, and needed you for that rescue. Without you, Sterrig, who is going to rescue you?”

Sterrig’s reply was, “After Vernallor eats, I’ll have his help doing some research. I agree with him. We’re close to figuring this thing out.”

“Really? Vernallor, what is your assessment of the situation?”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp5

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Five

“Get your men, Orintious, but this place is dangerous.”

The older brother said, “Just wait. I should not be too long, but I have men to get moving and we will need to prepare for this.”

After seeing Orintious open his own portal and stepping through, Lekarry asked, “Do you move between worlds all the time?”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp4

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Four

I suddenly had Orintious’ attention. He did want to read the journal. I handed it over while letting him know of the other things I considered important. By the time Mochsha came down the stairs, Orintious and I were preparing to visit Father.

Our sister would not allow us to leave until we had some breakfast. Orintious and I would have helped her, but Minchell and Nerframe showed up and had us men leave the kitchen. We did try to explain things to the ladies, but as the plates were set on the table Mochsha simply spoke some words to Nerframe.

“See what you did? Give men certain things, and they run off on you.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp3

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter Three

An owl came and landed on my arm. I did not have anything to feed it, so looked to Dechapper for another idea. As I did, I felt the owl take off, then watched as it flew into a portal.

I commanded, “Get Orintious!”

“Oh, no way!” Dechapper replied. “If Father finds out I let you run off alone, I will be in tremendous trouble.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp2

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter One

Suddenly, his line reacted rather violently. Dechapper was a large man, but whatever now had the line was able to move him. As I reacted to grab his belt, he still had the attitude to win the contest.

He said, “I think something caught our something, Vernallor. Whatever it is, it’s a story, but we’re liars unless we can get this to shore.”

“I’ll vouch for you,” I replied.

“You should already know how far that gets us. Hang on, Vernallor.”

The Depth of the Mists - Cp1

The Depth of the Mists
Chapter One

I secured the purse to my person, then said, “You always said that I was using inferior equipment, Dechapper. Well, let’s go buy some good equipment so I can prove to you that the reason I do not catch many is purely my own incompetence.”

“We are going to spend time around Mochsha’s property, Vernallor. I do not know the waterways or what fish are even available. I could end up looking incompetent also.”

“Then I also have enough to buy ourselves something to eat.”

To Face the Ugly Deed: Cp34

To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Thirty-Four

I did look to Makinor, although had to accept that as the one telling the story I was the one up. I pulled from a pocket an icon of Fergush, and breathed upon it the words of honor having been gained. Giving the lady the gold item showing red and yellow bands, I accepted the basket stating my thanks, although I then added something personal.

“You take care of Nebard. He proved himself. He’s worth every trial he puts you through.”

She nodded while saying, “I believe I will never regret making certain promises to him. Nebard told me to wish you the best in finding loves of your own.”