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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Five

The stag said, “Hope is simply having something good to believe in, Aden. The women merely hoped to survive another day, and that is not a good life. They failed us and the land in general. Let them know that is where the evil still lurks. I am sorry, Aden of Aden, but the fact that you are a female will have it involve you.”

“The men are worthy, Aden. The one that gets you will love and adore you. Still, do not give them your heart unless you feel the women will also rise to dream with the men. Being alone, Aden, can make even a dream a dismal thing.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Four

“I understand. What should I prepare for tomorrow?”

“I will be riding with Princess Turponia. None of the religious icons, as we will going to face fairies.”

“Fairies? What more miracles will you bring to this land?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Three

“Why?” When the royal lady turned to me, I explained, “Why do you think they don’t know the threat you are under? Has the threat of Belconosk been something to only affect your family?”

She stayed on her knees as she replied, “No, but it is assumed that the affairs of humans are not considered the affairs of the fairies.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-Two

The royal mother replied, “I have given Aden of Aden as much graciousness as I can feeling she is fully deserving.”

“Can you place any fault in us of Koshix?”

“I have to agree with my son on a number of his points. It is his graciousness that puts you in your situation, Chancellor, and I cannot fault you for taking advantage of it.”

I had to ask, “What fault could be yours, Chancellor Doborry?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty-One

I had to smile at my memories of him while answering, “He has presented himself more as a comical figure. I have detected a core of kindness, but also of boldness and dedication. Whether those are truly virtues in him, or vices, I have not yet determined. As for Prince Yelnoth, he has a good voice and sang the Kippayun for me. A very interesting tune.”

“It’s rather common around here. He had been reprimanded by his mother for doing that.”

“He speaks to his mother?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Twenty

“As the one who has managed this land I should be able to make sense and understand connections of what you have found.”

Wondering about the presence of this lady, I calmly delivered a fact. “As the one who has managed the land, you are the first I should suspect of being corrupt.”

“But you said that you have not found me corrupt.”

“I however am suspecting that you are attempting to accuse me of that vice.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Nineteen

“It is coming for me. I am not a swordsman, but I have some skill with a bow. Maybe its determination to come before me will give me a shot.”

He glared at me, then moved to a leather bundle. Undoing some straps, I saw some rather substantial spiny arrows of a dull, dark, gray metal. He did not pick them up, but moved back to where he had his armor laid out while speaking.

“Please, don’t use them all.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Eighteen

I replied, “You were not vulgar or ugly in any other fashion. Yes, you were comical, but like laughter it did bring some enjoyment. Don’t lose that person, Lechost.”

“As king, I might need to.”

“If you seek to become my lord, you better stay true. I understand the need for deception, but I will not have it become my life.”

Dumourl said, “I will support her on that.”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Seventeen

Nick looked to the one on the throne as he said, “Now, I really do need to be introduced.”

The lady replied, “I cannot do it, Brother.” She stood, and upon raising her hand I heard the sound of bars being placed on the doors as I watched the room become dark as the windows were closed. “This is all make-up. I am not our mother.”

“Then I am doomed?”

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Aden of Aden
Chapter Sixteen

“Well, if that is all you want to say, let me add that I do not like having to wear the same clothes continually.”

Nick said, “Mother should have clothes for you, but it will still be a couple of days. Sorry.”

Dumourl replied, “She was probably honest, but her words were still a misdirect, Nick. Get back to leading us.” While he set himself to following, the eyes of the lizard person continued to look to me until he had a chance to whisper, “Are you falling in love with him?”