The Fights Left Behind: Cp11

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Eleven

Lossurp said, "She does have a bow for hunting game, but it is not Kallotech. That weapon Inchell has I would not use for hunting."

There was some laughter, then Brullusk asked me what ammunition I had. We spent some time discussing weapons and what they fired. I noticed that none of the movie people joined us. Finally, Brullusk looked to Lossurp to speak a conclusion.

"I do have a rifle that you can hunt with, if you would like, Lossurp. I have one for myself as well, and fresh meat will be a benefit."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp10

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Ten

"At what point do we get angry?"

I answered, "When they start lying. This is Davelda. I have been in all the databases for centuries. They can find me and things about me. They start making things up, and I call my superiors in the military."

It seemed to prove a point by me then getting a call from a high ranking officer. "Sgt. Nakamachu, a message was sent to me concerning your plans. Any reason I should be concerned?"

"Colonel, any reason you should have been concerned up to now?"

The Fights Left Behind: Cp9

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Nine

"Good," he replied. "Now, please, go check on Master Lossurp. He got nosey and saw your weapons."

I moved into the living area to see the youth with a book, which he quickly closed to say, "You have some awesome appearing weapons."

I simply replied, "Come on." When he obediently got up, I added, "I thought you knew I was a Marine."

"Oh, yes, but I have not seen you use weapons of that type."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp8

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Eight

While Master Lossurp spoke an affirmation, Krachern said, "We did not join the lady to abandon her."

"Any objective or just traveling?"

"We have a question to ask the grand librarian Galabur, and Master Lossurp has his hopes set on a demi-goddess. As for me, I have a special instrument to find."

"A demi-goddess?"

The Fights Left Behind: Cp7

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Seven

"Wow," Master Lossurp softly exclaimed. "Doctor Krachern, just how old do you believe Vedicran is?"

"Thousands, Lossurp. I can say the tales of Vedicran date back millennia."

"And no one has stepped up to marry her?"

"You are talking about the daughter of our major deity, Lossurp. The fear factor is great, and I am talking about it being more than simply the requirement to be possibly worthy of her."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp6

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Six

The man driving turned to ask, "You know our Princess Jelnaya, young man?"

"Yes. She went with us to assure we reached our objective. She's fun."

"She is a lot more positive in attitude than when she originally came here. The girl has what she wanted however, so I guess has no reason to gripe. Remember that. If you end up getting what you want, be happy about it."

"Of course, although I first have to figure out what I want."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp5

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Five

"We are to ask Galabur for the straw he drinks tea out of? Oh, and fear not, Master Lossurp, your finances are secure. In what manner, the card does not say." There was a pause, then he added, "It is signed Vedicran, so I assume the note is from her."

I intentionally twisted what the young man had told me in saying, "It seems that if Master Lossurp succeeds at the task, he might have a chance to marry a demi-goddess."

"A lot easier with a much greater potential reward than my assignment. I am to claim the Pied Piper's pipe."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp4

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Four

Master Lossurp asked, "Are you speaking about the priests or the people?"

"I am speaking of any with religious intentions. It seems the philosophies are what is treated as being of worth. The people of this world could have the direct confrontation you experienced with your God, and not understand its significance the way you have."

"But surely they want answers."

"When the argument is considered important, the answers are not wanted."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp3

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Three

Master Lossurp took the case, then asked, "Is Vedicran married?"

"Married? My dear young man, do not believe you will be the first to try for her. Still, I don't believe she is. I mean, with her father being the elder god the standard one will be held to is rather strict."

I said, "Master Lossurp actually has someone waiting for him, but she is rather young. One of the reasons he was allowed to travel with us."

The Fights Left Behind: Cp2

The Fights Left Behind
Chapter Two

I replied, "The process had its pain with some not surviving. If you came through it, you basically knew you were. Then the years just came and went."

"I was almost two decades as a partial horse. I am in my fifties, but I feel and look fine. Could I be immortal? The blessing I received did come from a God."

"Give it a couple more decades, then you will know." I waited for him to say something, then went ahead and said what was troubling me. "When we finish here, we go to Davelda."

"Will I need to wait a couple of decades?"