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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 14C
Posted by TerishD on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 (07:20:14) (833 reads) 9 comments |

Chapter Fourteen - Part 3

A man dressed in a nice brown suit with bright yellow cloth showing from his shirt and highlights in his pants was screaming threats to the fleeing bandits as he waved a sword and moved a shield. Oggelly saw no need to intrude on the man's personal space, so sat down at the foot of a tree. Sylvia noticed the minstrel's action, and stopped beside him.

The man finally realized that he was yelling to the wind, so stopped and looked around. "Who are you?"

Oggelly looked up at his sister, so she answered, "Travelers who were stupid enough to try and join your predicament."

An invitation is accepted that enables our heroes to start associating with another layer of their world.

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Sneak Attacks
Posted by Atlan on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 (11:42:53) (686 reads) 4 comments |

Skip Williams is once again taking a closer look on a rule set of 3.5e D&D. This time it is the sneak attacks. So far WotC have published the first 2 parts of this explanation series.

Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: Unseen opponents and Immobilization

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 14B
Posted by TerishD on Friday, February 20, 2004 (07:00:38) (733 reads) 6 comments |

Chapter Fourteen - Part 2

"You know, Sylvia, you need to learn how to sing."

Oggelly was working with the violin as they walked. He was simply trying to pull pure notes from the instrument as he plodded. It was bothersome as long screeches or wavering notes disrupted the peace of the wooded landscape. Feladin had left to stroll at a distant parallel to see if any fresh meat would be acquired for supper. Sylvia worked to keep up some chatter to ease the passing of time.

Our heroes get involved in a major situation as their new lives begin to find focus.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 13C-14A
Posted by TerishD on Sunday, February 15, 2004 (06:08:51) (692 reads) 3 comments |

Chapter Thirteen - Part 3

Keir Thyyellinth was glad that things were finally returning to normal. His prayers were being answered with their usual efficiency. No answers came concerning She-Who-Sings-In-Trees' period of silence, but most people were simply glad to again have the goddess active. King Dureillorshin was concerned with the lack of an explanation however, and had summoned the castle priest to the royal chambers.

It was a very private chamber in the back sections of the monarch's private apartment that Keir Thyyellinth was escorted to. Only a few plush chairs were present along with a small writing desk set in one corner. One wall had a slightly large painting of a view of Castle Nochwellin, but the priest really had no idea what the monarch used this room for except for holding very private meetings. Aynaglitian was seated in a chair, but Thyyellinth considered the royal mage to only be a bother. Throulloss was also present which did concern the priest, although he liked it when witches sought divine guidance.

The story advances as schemes are developed and facts are discussed.

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Popular Gaming News Does it Stack? Part 4
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 (08:19:28) (694 reads) 8 comments |

In the fourth and last part of the "Does it stack?" series Skip Williams looks at the exceptions to stacking rules.
At the end of the article he gives a short summary that should keep the question of stacking clear.

Go here for the article: Does it stack? Part 4

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 13B
Posted by TerishD on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 (06:50:34) (770 reads) 5 comments |

Chapter Thirteen - Part 2

The human awoke very refreshed. He sat up to see the half-elf missing, but Sylvia eating a pear. A smile passed between them.

"Okay, Feladin," said the elven lady, "how did you pick that name?"

Events turn as the story picks up and starts to head in a more serious direction.

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Popular Gaming News The GameMechanics searching for mappers
Posted by Atlan on Saturday, February 07, 2004 (18:48:01) (793 reads) 8 comments |

The Game Mechanics are a firm producing D20 (modern and fantasy) material. Some members of the staff work also as freelance authors for WotC and have among other books worked on D20 Modern, Unearthed Arcana and others.

Now they have set themselves high goals for the future and for that they need mappers. So anyone interested in working with them as a map designer should take a look at the extended text for more informations.

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Popular Gaming News New Unearthed Arcana coming
Posted by Atlan on Saturday, February 07, 2004 (18:20:48) (711 reads) 4 comments |

Centered around the upcoming "Unearthed Arcana" are three new articles on WotC's homepage.

In the first of them you will find a web enhancement for the book - a Variant Rules Checklist .

The second article focuses a bit on the variant rules. It contains three excerpts from the book:
The Sneak Peek offers a look at the prestige paladin class, the totem barbarian variant, and vitality and wound points

And the last article is an Interview with Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, Rich Redman - the team behind the new Unearthed Arcana. They are questioned about the book as well as about future plans.

Go check them out...

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Popular Gaming News First Eberron Prestige Class
Posted by Atlan on Thursday, February 05, 2004 (07:20:21) (877 reads) 5 comments |

Gearing up for Eberron, in the series of articles that precedes the publication of this new campaign setting WotC has now published the first prestige class - the Extreme Explorer.

To find it go here: Extreme Explorer

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 12B-13A
Posted by TerishD on Thursday, February 05, 2004 (06:14:39) (871 reads) 7 comments |

Chapter Twelve - Part 2

Rain was coming. The three were traveling west along the river that flowed in the opposite direction to Echinarsh. Spending so much time in the city yesterday, they had not traveled far before deciding to make camp. All studied the holy books that evening, but they spent more time with the structure of the texts than with the words of the texts.

Both holy books started by speaking of the founding of the world. Neither text stated who created the world or how it was made. Both texts said that humans were already here when the gods arrived. From there each book drastically altered as different stories were told from the early days of the world. The books joined again in telling the story of Vintagelle winning his way into the realm of the gods and demanding order. With the establishment of order, something that did not happen until Ristally was convinced that it was good, each book again diverged as it explained each god's part in the present drama of world events.

Plans for the future are made as the last name is chosen.

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