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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Polymorphing Part 1
Posted by Atlan on Sunday, May 16, 2004 (07:13:54) (696 reads) 8 comments |

This new series of articles will be focusing on the Rules of the Game that are centered around polymorphing and other shape changing spells and abilities.

The first article starts with the basics and explains shortly what can be counted as polymorphing and more importantly the Terminology that is important for polymorphing is explained.

The article can be found here: RotG - Polymorphing Part 1

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Popular Gaming News Free D&D comic on ''Comic Book Day''
Posted by Atlan on Sunday, May 16, 2004 (07:08:13) (755 reads) 11 comments |

If you have a participating store in your area you can get a free D&D comic book on Free Comic Book Day, July 3, 2004.

QUOTE: "Wizards of the Coast, in cooperation with Previews and Game Trade Magazine, is pleased to offer Crisis in Raimiton: An Adventurers' Guide to Dungeons & Dragonsfor the 2004 Free Comic Book Day. Written and drawn by D&D artists and players, this comic book provides a simple yet exciting glance into the world of Dungeons & Dragons."

For more informations go here:

WotC's article about the comic, including a short summary of it

Free Comic Book Day - FAQ

Access to the listing of all participating stores (will be posted up to date in June 2004)

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Spell-like Abilities (Pt. 3 + 4)
Posted by Atlan on Sunday, May 16, 2004 (06:57:55) (672 reads) 9 comments |

The last 2 parts of this Rules of the Game series are looking at the determination of the caster level for spell-like ablities (part 3) and how their use can be affected (part 4) - that means mostly how and when they can be used.

If you are interested you can find the 2 articles here:

Rules of the Game - Part 3

Rules of the Game - Part 4

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 21A
Posted by TerishD on Saturday, May 15, 2004 (04:13:47) (671 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Twenty-One - Part 1

The men did not wake the lady, but both commented about her sleeping late. Sylvia generally slept the least. Oggelly thought nothing about staying up all night; he had again stayed up most of the night tending to both the dragon skin and the deer skin. The minstrel would however also lay around all day if he considered nothing pressing. Feladin was often the first to bed and almost always the last to rise. He tried to maintain some type of order to his day, and saw nothing wrong with going to bed once everything he had to do was done then not getting up until he felt there was something he needed to do. Sylvia was the one who stayed up late to read her magic text in order to work out some problem she felt could be solved with a few more minutes of mental work. She was also the one who rose early to exercise and take a private bath. Truthfully, both of the men felt it was a good day to relax, so actually envied the lady for being able to start without them.

The problem that Sylvia has been feeling come upon her reveals itself fully.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 20C
Posted by TerishD on Monday, May 10, 2004 (06:01:13) (746 reads) 5 comments |

Chapter Twenty - Part 3

The three thought to remove the skin from the beast. Truthfully, it started as a normal thought to preparing to eat the animal. To get at the meat, the skin had to be removed. It became a major operation, but using some rope brought by Sylvia from the tower, truthfully for the purpose of making a clothesline to dry her dresses after washing, and the strength of the horse the carcass of the huge reptile was secured between two trees and the work was started.

There was gold present. Oggelly saw the glitter and picked up a piece of the metal. Suddenly all three were searching around the stand of trees for places where the dragon had rested. Some more of the metal was found. The total was short being a pound, but the three went back to the carcass feeling that their efforts to be less stupid than they originally estimated.

Details are handled as events move forward.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 20B
Posted by TerishD on Wednesday, May 05, 2004 (06:02:51) (694 reads) 10 comments |

Chapter Twenty - Part 2

There was no lack of fresh water. The mountains soared to a height where snow was a constant sight. The summer warmth was however finally reaching the peaks allowing for a short period of melting. There were cut channels in the rock where part of the eternal snowcap collected to form lovely streams. A torrent of water thus came from the summits supplying the plants with a necessary basic to finish their growth before it again turned too cold for life.

Our heroes take on a challenge worth bragging about.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 19B - 20A
Posted by TerishD on Friday, April 30, 2004 (05:55:49) (773 reads) 9 comments |

Chapter Nineteen - Part 2

Feladin found Sylvia almost as soon as he started to return to the camp after taking his bath. He was only slightly disappointed that she had not been watching. Taking a bath in cold water was not an easy chore, and he was certain that he had made a number of entertaining maneuvers as he tried to accomplish the task.

He tried a diplomatic opening, "You have something to say to me, Sylvia?"

"Yes," she was direct with the first word, but the others came out with less force. "What if we win?"

Events move on as our heroes prepare to face their destiny.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 19A
Posted by TerishD on Sunday, April 25, 2004 (04:11:36) (650 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Nineteen - Part 1

Sylvia found herself having to hold her breasts. She had finished her morning exercises so had moved to the mountain stream in order to bathe. The water was very cold and she was shivering. The cones on her chest were very annoying as they danced in response to the rest of her body while their own muscles had them twitch to restore some warmth.

Being forced to deal with that part of her anatomy again caused some deep resentment of her condition to try and surface. Naked, having to directly relate to one part of her female form while being able to catch glimpses of herself in the moving water around her, she faced her buried feelings. She did not know how to respond to them. If she was ugly, she might believe that they were true emotions that needed to be channeled to give her the willpower to embrace such dire acts as what occurred yesterday. If she had arrived in a city where people were ready to deal with orange shirts, she might feel confined enough to try and escape in order to better her position. In a way, the latter option was given to her by default. She and her companions had been allowed the freedom away from civilization to adjust to this world and their forms. All the disadvantages that had faced other orange shirts were not heaped upon them. There was truly no rationale for her emotions.

Our heroes head into the mountains where the final changes to their identities will occur.

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Spell-like abilities Pt.2
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 (19:29:25) (653 reads) 10 comments |

The second part of the new Rules of the Game mini-series has been published on WotC's homepage.
This time Skip Williams covers the following themes:

* Differences Between Spells and Spell-Like Abilities

* Disrupting Spell-like Abilities

To get to part 2 go here: Rules of the Game - Spell-like abilities Pt.2


Next time Skip tells us how to determine the spell level and version of a spell-like ability.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 18D
Posted by TerishD on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 (05:38:00) (701 reads) 7 comments |

Chapter Eighteen - Part 4

Oggelly went to remove his clothes and clean himself as he explained where he found the pits. After comments about the location, the Eglets started explaining their thoughts to Feladin. He barely knew any chemistry, but worked to only make certain that the elves had a method and were not simply wasting his time.

It took effort to crack the pits and separate the husks. The protective coating of the piths were then placed in some cloth and pounded into as close of a powder as possible. The crushed remains of the husks were placed in the pot before Sylvia cast a spell to release the fire from the substance. A bubbling liquid formed that was poured into a cleaned beer bottle. The total liquid was not much, but they hoped it was enough of what they wanted.

The results of our heroes experiment becomes apparent.

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