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Members News & stuff Planar Handbook Chat
Posted by Atlan on Friday, July 16, 2004 (17:38:01) (2468 reads) 9 comments |

The new Planar Handbook - afaik mostly an adaption of Planescape to 3.5e - is out and now the authors Bruce R. Cordell and Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel offer themselves for an Q&A in the "Wizards Presents . . ." chat room.
The chat is scheduled for Tuesday, July 20, 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET

The original news can be found here: Planar Handbook Chat - announcement

Here you get directly to the Wizards-chatrooms: Wizards.COMmunity Chat

Attention: Chat needs a registered screen name! Follow the link on the chatrooms page or go directly here: Chat Registration

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - All about Movement Pt.6
Posted by Atlan on Friday, July 16, 2004 (17:26:39) (724 reads) 11 comments |

All about Movement Part 6 - here Skip Williams takes a closer look at some of the remaining issues that he didn't cover previously, like confined space, corners and coming out of helpless status.

The next part (#7) will cover how spells and conditions can affect movement (and vice versa).

You can find the article here: RotG Part 6

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Curse of a Home: XI
Posted by TerishD on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 (06:31:35) (678 reads) 6 comments |

Chapter Eleven

Watussin wanted to rush the stables, ready a horse, and ride out into the rain. If she was not surrounded by business oriented military men and a serious female friend, there would be nothing stopping her from acting on her emotions. That did not mean that she considered the decisions of those around her proper, only that they presented a reasonable alternative to her own beliefs. The elf lady thus understood that to get others to go with her she would have to state her desires clearly and logically.

"Come on, let us take this fight to the monsters!"

Decisions about love and relationships are considered.

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Members News & stuff Chat with Bruce Cordell coming up
Posted by Atlan on Monday, July 12, 2004 (06:27:10) (2323 reads) 10 comments |

Over at Monte a chat with Bruce Cordell is scheduled to happen on Thursday, July 22, 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Bruce Cordell is the author of the novels "Lady of Poison" and "Oath of Nerull" besides that he is (co-)author of several rulebooks for D&D 3(.5)e - for example the "Expanded Psionic's Handbook", "Underdark" and the newest publication at "Hyperconcious" - and adventures for (A)D&D (e.g. the Sahuagin Trilogy, the Illithid Trilogy, Return to the Tomb of Horrors)

If you are interested in chatting with him go here: Monte and follow the link in the box on the left

Or go directly here: White Wolf - Developer Chat

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Popular Gaming News Serpent Kingdoms Excerpt & Art Gallery
Posted by Atlan on Saturday, July 10, 2004 (16:39:03) (815 reads) 5 comments |

WotC is about to let a new Forgotten Realms campaign expansion called "Serpent Kingdoms" hit the stores.
So that you can see a bit of what is in the book they have posed both an excerpt from the book as well as an Art Gallery with pictures used for illustrating it.

The excerpt contains the following:

* Deities of the Yuan-ti
* Tathtlasss and Zstulkk Ssarmn (sample yuan-ti villains)
* Pil'it'ith and his dread wraith consorts (sample Sarrukh villains)
* Deathcoils, Bone Naga, Nagahydra (new monsters, 27 in total in the book)
* Gape of the Serpent, Improved Spit, Narrowed Gaze (new feats)

You can find the Excerpt here:
Serpent Kingdoms the Excerpt

And here you find the art:
The Art of Serpent Kingdoms

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Curse of a Home: X
Posted by TerishD on Friday, July 09, 2004 (06:40:49) (738 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Ten

Rain could only hope that his wife was doing well. The downpour was seeping under his armor. He knew that he was not the only one suffering from having to move while being weighed down with water soaked cloth, wet clinging leather, and the outer metal skin. He however could not think of his own suffering or that of those riding with him, but of having to prolong his time away from his wife. His thoughts moved to keeping a promise of gaining servants for his home to help him and his wife maintain their duties through the trials of life.

The travel so far had not been bad. The falling water disrupted vision, made the ride uncomfortable, and prevented the horses from building any speed, but at least progress was being made. Rain still did not feel that the curse was as bad as his god had made it out to be. Deadly monsters that those fighting it needed arcane power to destroy was not that unusual. It was due to a battle with a creature from another plane that was not harmed by any weapon on this world that caused him to go to Rugmor. Rain still felt that the events in that town were the worse things that he had ever experienced.

The troubles continue as our heroes work to do what they can.

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Popular Gaming News What's Bugging You? - Insect companions
Posted by Atlan on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 (14:59:17) (690 reads) 8 comments |

Druids and insects as companions - this is the topic of this article on WotC's homepage.

Some druids favor animals, and others favor plants. A very few favor insects, or vermin, or would if they could. Using these rules, they can.
End Quote

So if you are interested in which insects you can have as an animal companion at which level and how they vary from normal animal companions you should take a look here:
Vermin Druids and Their Companions

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Popular Gaming News Planar Handbook - Excerpt
Posted by Atlan on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 (14:53:33) (724 reads) 8 comments |

WotC has posted an excerpt of the new Planar Handbook on their homepage.

The excerpt contains samples of several chapters:
- 1 character race (Chapter 1)
- 1 base class variant (Chapter 2)
- 1 prestige class (Chapter 3)
- 4 spells (Chapter 5)
- 1 monster (Chapter 7)

If you are interested in seeing this excerpt go here:
Planar Handbook - Excerpt

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - All about Movement Pt.5
Posted by Atlan on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 (14:47:47) (698 reads) 7 comments |

Part 5 of this series builds up on the basics of flight that were detailed in part 4. Now we are looking at the details of flight, like flight maneuvers and what can a flyer do in confined space? Or what movement actions can be taken (e.g. run) and under what circumstances?

If you are interested you can find the article here:
RotG - All about Movement Part 5

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Curse of a Home: IX
Posted by TerishD on Sunday, July 04, 2004 (05:36:28) (698 reads) 9 comments |

Chapter Nine

The guards at work keeping a feeling of security within the mansion went to attention and the servants bowed as the two ladies of the house moved through the hallways. While the two did have some lovely accessories to their attire, the main outfits were armor for battle. Those that saw the two thus understood that the ladies were not simply moving through their home, but acting in their station as those responsible for the welfare of the land.

We catch back up with events back at the home of Jackal and Rain.

Read More... (10.65 KB) |

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