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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 19A
Posted by TerishD on Sunday, April 25, 2004 (04:11:36) (648 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Nineteen - Part 1

Sylvia found herself having to hold her breasts. She had finished her morning exercises so had moved to the mountain stream in order to bathe. The water was very cold and she was shivering. The cones on her chest were very annoying as they danced in response to the rest of her body while their own muscles had them twitch to restore some warmth.

Being forced to deal with that part of her anatomy again caused some deep resentment of her condition to try and surface. Naked, having to directly relate to one part of her female form while being able to catch glimpses of herself in the moving water around her, she faced her buried feelings. She did not know how to respond to them. If she was ugly, she might believe that they were true emotions that needed to be channeled to give her the willpower to embrace such dire acts as what occurred yesterday. If she had arrived in a city where people were ready to deal with orange shirts, she might feel confined enough to try and escape in order to better her position. In a way, the latter option was given to her by default. She and her companions had been allowed the freedom away from civilization to adjust to this world and their forms. All the disadvantages that had faced other orange shirts were not heaped upon them. There was truly no rationale for her emotions.

Our heroes head into the mountains where the final changes to their identities will occur.

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Spell-like abilities Pt.2
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 (19:29:25) (651 reads) 10 comments |

The second part of the new Rules of the Game mini-series has been published on WotC's homepage.
This time Skip Williams covers the following themes:

* Differences Between Spells and Spell-Like Abilities

* Disrupting Spell-like Abilities

To get to part 2 go here: Rules of the Game - Spell-like abilities Pt.2


Next time Skip tells us how to determine the spell level and version of a spell-like ability.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 18D
Posted by TerishD on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 (05:38:00) (699 reads) 7 comments |

Chapter Eighteen - Part 4

Oggelly went to remove his clothes and clean himself as he explained where he found the pits. After comments about the location, the Eglets started explaining their thoughts to Feladin. He barely knew any chemistry, but worked to only make certain that the elves had a method and were not simply wasting his time.

It took effort to crack the pits and separate the husks. The protective coating of the piths were then placed in some cloth and pounded into as close of a powder as possible. The crushed remains of the husks were placed in the pot before Sylvia cast a spell to release the fire from the substance. A bubbling liquid formed that was poured into a cleaned beer bottle. The total liquid was not much, but they hoped it was enough of what they wanted.

The results of our heroes experiment becomes apparent.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 18C
Posted by TerishD on Thursday, April 15, 2004 (05:24:00) (773 reads) 9 comments |

Chapter Eighteen - Part 3

The evening was not unpleasant. Some of the people were nosey, and stopped to chat to the travelers. Few claimed ever seeing an elf. A number of the men complimented Sylvia on her appearance. She was friendly to everyone that approached. All noticed that her two companions were protective of the lady, so she was treated with respect.

Oggelly found himself watching the people. He originally started just because he was uncertain of his surroundings. The people were friendly enough however, and his sister was wonderfully managing the conversations, so he simply started watching the people because they were keeping tabs on the strangers. He knew that there was lot about this world he had yet to learn, so analyzed a lot of minor details simply to try and get a better understanding about those who had grown up in this culture.

Our heroes act on a plan to hurt the outer network of the forces that brought them to this world and changed them.

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Popular Gaming News Gearing up for Eberron: Mind Games
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 (17:55:04) (770 reads) 12 comments |

This month's Gearing up for Eberron article on WotC is a bit of a dual feature as it also has a connection to the new Expanded Psionics Handbook.
The fifth article in this line presents some facts about the place of psionics in the world of Eberron in form of a new race (the Kalashtar) as well as an organisation (The Dreaming Dark)

You can find the article here: Gearing up for Eberron Part 5 - Psionics

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Spell-like Abilities
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 (17:46:31) (663 reads) 6 comments |

Skip Williams has started a new mini-series about the Rules of the Game. This time he is exploring spell-like abilities. So far only the first part has been published on the WotC homepage, it offers the following:

- a definition of "spell-like ability"
- a closer look at the similarities between spells and spell-like abilities

The next part will be offering a look at the differences to spells as well as what options you have to disrupt their invoking.

To read the article go here: Spell-like Abilities Part 1

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 18B
Posted by TerishD on Saturday, April 10, 2004 (05:23:39) (684 reads) 7 comments |

Chapter Eighteen - Part 2

The party did not head into the mountains. They spent the day walking and looking. The complete change in terrain from the hills to jutting peaks was just more of a transition than they were prepared to make.

The peaks were not bare. There were trees, meadows, and all the normal components of a tremendous parcel of land. The peaks went up into clouds, but the clouds were presently not thick so they could make out the tops of most mountains within sight. There were claims from each of the three about spotting deer and goats on the slopes, but no sighting that all three could verify.

The heroes learn of a situation and move to take advantage of it.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Legends of Lyros: General Reborn - Chapter 1 Part 3
Posted by tamrick on Monday, April 05, 2004 (11:44:12) (748 reads) 5 comments |

Colin had known beforehand that if they were defeated there was only one possible solution left and time was precious. Time was so precious in fact that in a short two months time, his world had changed forever. He had been happy once, but it all seemed like a fading memory now. Like a beautiful dream escaping from the mind just after waking. Now, his family, his friends, his home… all of it was gone. In one swift blow the hand of fate had sent him on this downward spiral. No, he thought, the hand had a name, and it was not fate. It was this name… this man, this one man who had taken it all from him. He swore to himself, that he would have his revenge.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 18A
Posted by TerishD on Monday, April 05, 2004 (05:44:25) (661 reads) 7 comments |

Chapter Eighteen - Part 1

The next morning was an active occasion at the viscount's table. The high noble tried to handle most normal business with his advisors between bites of food. The knights would fill pauses in the viscount's activity with both important and hopefully amusing comments. Guests were not forgotten, but the nobles did have business to transact while the three had nothing truly important on their agenda.

Feladin did manage to speak words of thanks for the gracious treatment of his group. He stated the desire of him and his companions to continue on with their travels. The viscount stated his pleasure in the quality of their company and allowed the three permission to return to their journey. The knights informed the three not to go directly west into the Beyshathile, but look for a path north. The knights mentioned that the witches headed west yesterday and that they were looking for trouble. Feladin responded that it was good advice that he would attempt to follow.

Our heroes start their journey to discover themselves while the absent member initiates a situation of his own.

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Popular Gaming News Web Enhancement - Expanded Psionics Handbook
Posted by Atlan on Saturday, April 03, 2004 (15:10:57) (1341 reads) 10 comments |

The latest web enhancement avaiable on WotC's homepage contains 9 character sheets for the new psionics handbook

Each sheet is specifically modeled to fit one of the psionics classes presented in the book.

You can find the character sheets here: Psionics Sheets

Read More... (951 Bytes) |

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