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Popular Gaming News More transition classes from Wizards.
Posted by Headfoot on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 (20:54:28) (1126 reads) 7 comments |

This might be old new to those of you who check wizards everyday, but these transition classes might be fun in some situations.

Go to Transition Classes to check them out.

Note: EDIT by Atlan: This is an article in the "Savage Progressions" series and handles the transiton (as the name says) of a race to a special one (template). So as aasimar would e.g. change to a half-celestial over a number of levels. END EDIT

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 16C-17A
Posted by TerishD on Sunday, March 21, 2004 (05:57:43) (677 reads) 5 comments |

Chapter Sixteen - Part 3

The three had stopped for a rest. It had been another nice day of walking, but Feladin was not certain that they had covered a large distance. They normally traveled a length from the water because of the thick growth of plant life there that disrupted an easy gait. After the success of yesterday, the Eglets were interested in what aquatic life they could see, so had kept to forcing their way through the foliage to identify types of fish, where they schooled, and whatever other information could be discerned about the life in the river.

Sylvia and Oggelly recognized a few of the aquatic animals, but saw others. Most of the fish were similar to those they knew from their own world. A couple of fish from yesterday that they had not recognized, although did eat, they saw again today. The two studied the actions of known fish to assure themselves that the actions of the unfamiliar fish could be trusted to be normal for their species. It made the pace slow, but the Eglets considered the day more for learning than covering distance.

The story finishes some details before initiating a major set of events.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 16B
Posted by TerishD on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 (06:50:55) (666 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Sixteen - Part 2

The Athurly River was more like what the three considered a normal river. The water held to its own channel, but the bed was more spread out making the actual depth relatively small. At one particular point the river spread to a width of about a hundred feet with a thin layer of clear water flowing over bottom of smooth stones. Acting as if he was still a boy who considered mud puddles to mark the proper paths for walking, Oggelly wandered into the water.

"Why haven't we been fishing?"

As our heroes even more acclimate themselves to their world, things continue to build elsewhere.

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 16A
Posted by TerishD on Thursday, March 11, 2004 (06:38:57) (731 reads) 5 comments |

Chapter Sixteen - Part 1

The three were back to walking the next day. The baron noted at breakfast how lovely the sky looked, and accepted Feladin's request to return to their travels. The noble did state his thanks again to the three for the aid given to his lesser noble, and for the pleasant company. He gave the three a letter of introduction to the Viscount of Morthilost in whose territory they would enter before climbing the mountains of the Beyshathile. The three of course stated their pleasure at the gracious hospitality.

It was a lovely day for travel. The sky was almost cloudless. The air was very warm, but a slight breeze kept the three from feeling the heat.

Events have already started towards a grand climax, and here certain pieces are orchestrated into place.

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Popular Gaming News Gearing Up for Eberron - March installment
Posted by Atlan on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 (13:51:06) (670 reads) 3 comments |

In this preview for the upcoming new campaign setting Eberron we get to see a small glimpse of the recent history the setting has been through as well as a quite detailed examination of the cosmology this material plane has to offer.
Like to which plane the souls of the dead move, how they differ from the standard cosmology of D&D and other interesting details.

To take a look go here: Eberron - March preview

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game - Sneak Attacks Pt.4
Posted by Atlan on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 (04:38:49) (678 reads) 7 comments |

In the fourth and last part of his examination of sneak attacks Skip Williams focuses on the following topics:

Volley Attacks
and a "totally unofficial" rule for flanking

To he article you go this way: Sneak Attacks Part 4

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 15B
Posted by TerishD on Saturday, March 06, 2004 (04:42:53) (664 reads) 8 comments |

Chapter Fifteen - Part 2

Dureillorshin was glad that court was finally finished. He had problems, and they were more consuming than the minor matters that his personal lands brought to him. He marched back to his chambers hoping to again muse on possible solutions to his predicament.

Petham was standing next to the guards securing the monarch's quarters. No one had informed the monarch of the witch's arrival, but it did not matter because Dureillorshin would have simply commanded for the powerful member of the pagan religion to be brought to him. The king felt certain that his valet would have allowed Petham to enter and wait in more comfort, but obviously the witch had other plans that he felt needed to be attended so was hoping for the monarch to presently send him away. No, Dureillorshin was definitely desiring to speak on the topic of the missing orange shirts, and there was a smile on his face as he motioned with his hand for Petham to follow.

As our heroes work to become part of their new world, others are active attempting to direct things towards their own goals.

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Popular Gaming News Rules of the Game: Sneak Attack Pt.3
Posted by Atlan on Friday, March 05, 2004 (09:11:04) (733 reads) 9 comments |

Skip Williams has posted the third part of his examination of the sneak attack rules.

This time he takes a look at Flanking, Uncanny Doge and its effects as well as Damage by Sneak Attacks.

To see the article go here: Sneak Attacks Part 3

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Popular Gaming News Official FAQ for D&D 3.5e updated
Posted by Atlan on Friday, March 05, 2004 (09:07:10) (734 reads) 13 comments |

WotC have updated the FAQ for 3.5e. You can download the whole FAQ as a zip-file from this page:

FAQ Download page

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Bards, Tails & Poetic License Tales by TerishD : Loss of a Name: 14D-15A
Posted by TerishD on Monday, March 01, 2004 (06:39:10) (690 reads) 3 comments |

Chapter Fourteen - Part Four

Sylvia was not certain how the light boxes worked, but made it a point to find out. The unflickering light that filled her room was a lot better to read by. She was getting to the end of her book. All four elements had been discussed, and Sylvia had been practicing at separating each. The lady was feeling ready for a better manual, and considered one that would explain how to create light would be appropriate.

A knock came to the door. She still had on her petticoat, although the straps had been loosened. There was however no need to better conceal herself. She did not get up from her chair or speak thinking that it was only a servant. She was beginning to consider the movement of the castle staff to be more bothersome than helpful.

Focuses shift as our heroes and others start to consider other factors in the present dilemma.

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