A Wish for Hope - Cp30

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Thirty

“Just how powerful do you think it is?”

“Think about it, Abreyon. Esgalia’s people were not forced, I mean beaten into submission. They were convinced. I am going to force a fight, but not because of my association with Fergush. I am going to force a fight because I don’t want to face this being on its own field of battle. The evidence is strong that I might not win that fight.”

“So, you can be scared.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp29

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Nine

I expected the voice of the mother to grow louder, although a number had to pause as the voice of another lady rang out, “Did someone request the council of Dabogda?”

I quickly replied, “Actually no, which I mentioned as being the problem.”

The young man was also in a rush to speak. “Keir, this – girl – does not belong here.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp28

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Eight

“My wife. I cannot believe I kept rescuing my wife. She had to have been a different person once, or I had to have been a different person.”

“That’s not a confession for me.”

My first thought was that she was correct, although I quickly spoke a correction. “You cannot save me unless you know.”

“Well, I will admit that you are here with me through my struggles, so I guess I need to stay with you when you confront yours.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp27

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Seven

That was all he said, but the way he froze told me more. Seeing him point a finger at me had me watch him. Vulge then moved around looking at the buildings. He clearly paused in noticing that at least two doors along the way had the same symbol, so I had to smile at the way he turned to me to ask a question.

“Are you leading us into an ambush?”

I pointed over the road a few blocks down before answering, “No, but a trap.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp26

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Six

“I didn’t hear anything.”

She replied, “Well, I gave respect to those champions of love goddesses. Any deity should be respected. Also, however, if you were gaining information from some other source, we needed to recognize it.”

“It hurts, but I need to know.”

“Sounds like a fight. Further, it is your fight, so I respect you for being willing to face it. Now, let me go see if I can find my type of fight.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp25

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Five

Surprised at not being beset with more opponents, I turned back as a male fox person whose voice I had heard earlier asked, “Is that really Jelnaya?”

It was Abreyon who asked, “Why does it matter? We’re here to save you.”

Esgalia shot back, “We’re not saved until we are restored to being human.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp24

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Four

He nodded, then signaled for groups of people to move, but then turned back to me to ask, “Why?”

I dropped my pleasant attitude to calmly say, “Let me warn you that I am a divine representative. If you are looking for an answer, you might not like mine.”

“I fully understand that I am part of a duchy and not a viscounty. The preaching of the gods, especially Samayer, has been a constant part of my life. With that history behind me, I again ask, ‘Why?’”

A Wish for Hope - Cp23

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Three

“Their hearts, no. Their lives, if they cared about them they should not have come with you.”

“You did not summon any of your own champions.”

“Until now there was nothing to fight for. I could kill, slaughter, but there would just be more. You have renewed the hope for this land, and should you succeed to end the evil I will summon those to take up the battle here.” I saw the divine lady curtsey to me while saying, “I have none like you, Jelnaya.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp22

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-Two

“Maybe she had a change of heart.”

“No. She was lying about being angry at Unnorry for killing our child. She was just angry. At everything. Speaking of the death of the child I believe was just something she felt others would get angry about as well.”

I noticed the men step close as Honored Duchess Jelnaya said, “Those are rather harsh words.”

A Wish for Hope - Cp21

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A Wish for Hope
Chapter Twenty-One

“No,” I answered, “although we still pray for her. Fergush might be watching over her, but we want our Goddess to let him know that others than him care for her.”

From elsewhere, I assumed another window to another room in the castle, we heard, “We of Davelda pray for her as well.”

Some of my group did ask about the one that spoke. Hearing the identification of one of the Navy people did not surprise me. What did, and caused my group to go silent, was hearing a pounding on the door to my room.